Review - Powerline+ II Lightning cable

Just completed my first review as a Power User, feel free to give constructive criticism.

Right from the offset I was impressed by the lightly embossed box in which it arrived, it brought back memories of the old iPhone boxes that I’ve got set aside in a cupboard. Don’t know if that makes me a collector or hoarder though.

Inside there was a new zipped travel case and the usual small information booklet. Ofcourse the cable was neatly located inside the case and having 2 zips means that when travelling you can keep most of the lead held within the case and not have all 6 foot sprawled across the table. It does also come with a Velcro strap to keep it in a tidy loop. The case itself is not solid as a rock so when placed inside pocket doesn’t feel uncomfortable. The previous model had come with a fold over pouch which I must admit I hardly ever used, but I can see myself bringing this case with me every time I travel.

I have several of the original Powerline+ cables (3ft and 6ft variants) as I have them in both offices, car, different rooms in house, travel case etc and I must say I love the new colour coded aluminium alloy connectors. While I dont mind the original black connectors on the previous model I feel like this has a more premium feel to it. Added to this, is the thicker two tone braided weave and the longer hard rubber shield (giving a reported 30000 bends lifespan) you have a product that is built to last and worth every penny.

I have had the misfortune of buying OEM cables in the past and they only last a couple of months before fraying and stop working. So to find a cable that is stronger, cheaper and lasts longer then it is a no brainer as to which cable should be top of your list. It is also MFi certified so will be compatible with any Apple products that use lightning. Oh … and it comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, which differs from their standard 18 month warranty - a clear sign of just how confident they are in this product. But if it does go wrong don’t worry as from previous experience the customer service is top notch.

Anker do claim that this cable is of supporting a weight of upto 175lbs, and while I have no reason to doubt them, I never tested this out. Maybe I’ll save it for an emergency where I need to climb out the window I’ll combine it with the paracord survival bracelet I bought years ago “just incase” as I’m a bit heavier than 12 stone lol

So to sum it up stop looking around and add this to basket immediately.


Good job on the review. Thank you for the pics. That is a really nice red. I can’t wait to upgrade to these Powerline+ II cables. The thing I learned from buying lightning cables in the past, not by Anker, is that if it’s not MFi certified, it’s not worth it …at any price. Because it will not work right or cease to work after a very short time. So, I’ve stopped buying any cables from other companies. I’m a die hard Anker cable fan now… among their whole product line. :slight_smile: What can I say? With Anker, I don’t have to worry about compatibility. It just works.


Lifetime warranty is really worth to buy! That means we offer you with our lifetime good customer service!:sunglasses:

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Congrats on your first review !
Great pictures. To me, the most important is the pictures hehe.

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I’m the same, I’ve had my fair share of dodgy cables and not only do I only buy Anker ones now I also highly recommend them to family and friends.

I think I took about 7 or 8 pics in total, showing back of box, connected to iPad etc but I don’t know if that may be overkill on the review or not

The more the merrier :slight_smile: