Review - PowerCore Speed 20000 PD

This battery pack and wall charger combo is a beast. It has replaced my other chargers that I bring with me when I am traveling.

Gone are the days of waiting 8-10 hours for my battery pack to recharge when this recharges in just 4 hours with the included 30W wall charger. Also, with its USB-C port as well as regular USB port, rest assured that all your electronics can be charged.

The 20,100mAh power is also the perfect amount. It can recharge my MacBook 1 charge, my Nexus tablet 2.5 charges, and my OnePlus 5 cell phone 6 charges. Besides the awesome perfomance of this battery pack, this thing looks good too. It has a nice matte black finish which helps with the deterrent of smudges and fingerprints.

Did I mention that this thing recharges in just 4 hours??? :smile: So go get yours today!


Any pictures of it in use? We love pictures here


As @elmo41683 said, any pics?

I have the 26800mAh and it charges in 6 hours :slight_smile: I will be posting my review soon.

Yes pics please!

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I need that wall charger!

With so many Anker products out there, it always helps to add pics. Besides, pics make us drool. :wink:

Any pictures of it in action? :slight_smile: