Review: PowerCore 5000 - Surprisingly fast recharge!

Quick Take

This is an excellent entry level battery for someone that just needs an occasional charge for a phone, earbuds, or tablet on the go. Its compact size make it easy to carry and the 5000 mAh of battery will power the average phone more than twice on a single charge. At $21.99 on Amazon, it’s a great buy from a reliable company. Here’s what I like about it:

Great Size

It will fit in your pocket with your phone (unless you wear skinny jeans and/or yoga pants). It definitely will fit in a backpack or purse.

Charging Speed

It charges my Galaxy S9+ at 7.3W – Not as fast as technically possible, but still good for a small battery. A lot of people try to find the battery that charges their phone the fastest. However, that is less important here because it is small enough to to stick in your pocket or bag and keep on moving while charging. So for me, the charging speed is less important when you have a small form factor like this.

Don’t get me wrong – 7.3w is still really good. In fact, that’s faster than the standard compact Apple wall charger. So your iPhone will charge faster with this than with the included 5w Charger brick.

Recharging Speed

I was most impressed with recharge speed. It pulls power at an astonishing 10.9W. This is more important for a small portable battery because you have limited time to charge while traveling. For quickly refilling on a layover, this recharging speed is excellent.


The only thing I don’t like about this is the cylindrical shape. I’d rather something slimmer to slip into marginal places in pockets and bags. The cylinder shape means that there’s no way to minimize the profile – its diameter is the same no matter how you turn it.


Great entry level battery and a reasonable price – plus very fast recharging. There’s not much to dislike about this battery!

Thanks for reading!


Very excellent review and pictures! This is one of those reviews that I read, and read every word with my full attention without getting the slightest Ammount of boredom :joy:. It was very well written, and interesting the whole way through!

Awesome! Thanks @tech_man - that means a lot :blush:

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You pinged the wrong person :joy:. I’m TechMan (formerly anjou1888) :joy:

That’s what happens when there are usernames with similar names :grin:

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Great review, I have the PowerCore 5000, and use it during my office commute

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Sorry @tech_man and @techman :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great review like usual.
I appreciate those really a lot.

There was such one in the box of mystery.
But my daughter needed urgently: Young lady -> phone!!!:joy:
And the pb is small and chick!

Great review and pics. :slight_smile: I love mine.

Good review and comparison pics @gAnkster :ok_hand: : got the same one in the mystery / SoundCore Life 2 giftbox but like you not an overly big fan of the cylinder shape…just too used to the flat / more slimline PowerCore’s I use daily.

Still like having it in the PowerCore arsenal to fallback on though :thumbsup:

If there are more of such shaped in use, I would recommend:


Great review as usual. As @TechMan mentioned, it was very well written. There have been some reviews on here without much detail and photos that these kind of reviews, even for “boring” products, are much appreciated.

Great review and photos!!! Good job!!! :muscle::ok_hand:

Great review! thanks!

Thanks @Shivam_Shah ! I think it’s as easy to write a good review as a boring one :smile:

I think a good review can be a boring one. If it’s super in depth and long, then it can tend to get boring. At least that’s what I keep telling myself :confused:


New Anker product idea!

I’m here to charge you up…


What have you done?
My younger brother has got this one too!


Great review and photos as always! When I wanna have a quick recharge with a smaller charger I’ve been using the PowerCore+ mini, but as it doesn’t have the 3 indicator lights on it, it’s hard to know how much juice is left in it, as the light only goes orange once it’s close to dying.
So, this is definitely gonna be an upgrade for it down the road. :slight_smile:

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Great review :ok_hand:
There is 1 liion cell in this so the discharge current seems fine.