Review: Power Speed 20000 PD

Hi all,

Just a quick review of the Powercore Speed 20000 PD.

This is a 4.5/5 star product. Here’s why:

Large Capacity

With 20100 mAh of power, it’s hard to imagine many scenarios where this product will not keep you charged. Unless you are on a extended trip away from outlets without ANY source of power, while using multiple devices very often, this power bank has enough storage for you. I can work a full (extra full even) day without needing to plug my laptop or phone or iPad into an outlet thanks to this charger.

Compact Size

This fits easily in my backpack. It’s about the size of two canybars put together (although heavier :slight_smile: ) and has nicely rounded edges. Here it is next to an iPhone 6s for scale:

PD Compatible

No joke, I can charge my Asus Chromebook Flip C302 with this battery WHILE USING IT. This seems like a small thing, but it’s actually HUGE - Most batteries cannot do this. This one legitimately gets you off the outlet with your PD compatible laptop. Here it is recently at work:


It come with a carrying pouch, PD charger, and usb-c to usb-c cord! What more could you want?


With so much going for it, it’s hard not to like this excellent product, but here are the drawbacks:

  1. Long charging time - like 4 hours or more. You have to leave it overnight, even with the PD charger it comes with.
  2. Price - at $100, it’s really expensive!
  3. Only one usb 3.0 outlet, no QC 3.0. It would be nice to have two usb 3.0 outlets that are QC 3.0 compatible for peripheral devices.
  4. No Switch compatibility. I know, Anker has another (VERY similar) product that is compatible with switch, but it would be nice to get that functionality across the board. I got this thinking I would be able to charge a switch, but I have not tried it yet because there is some ambiguity about whether or not it will work. To my understanding it’s the 56k ohm resistor that is most important, but I don’t pretend to know everything about this sort of weird issue. Any input would be welcome.

Thanks for reading!


Excellent nuanced review as always Ryan.

I’d never pay $100 for it but if I had a PD device I’d be scanning the discounts often!

What I currently do is on stretched power hungry days is carry a small tablet, I use that as both a source of stored energy and it has enough hours by itself for tasks which don’t need a large screen / keyboard plus I owned the tablet already before the Chromebook. I get about 7 hours on my Chromebook, and about 7 hours on my tablet so 14 hours total. Imperfect, I prefer your method, but cheap.

Love your review! Thanks for the feedback. No way could someone like me afford…or want to drop $100 on this. Definitely be looking for discounts or something lol

I really dig your review layout. Short and to the point with Pros and Cons. Excellent job :slight_smile: I do have to agree with others about the price though, it is pretty steep.

Excellent review as always @ryandhazen :thumbsup:

Great review!

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Another great review @ryandhazen! You’ve been making some great posts lately.

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Great review, thanks

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Professional review, all important information is included - and good structured !

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Great review and pictures @ryandhazen!

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Excellent review @ryandhazen


Great review and pic!! :blush:

Hey! I got pinned! Thanks @ndalby! This is my first pinned post :tada:

I forgot to include a few measurements I made in the original review:

I plugged in my Moto Z2 Force edition and it self-reported these charging times from 33%

Anker PD wall plug: 1 Hr 33 Min
Anker powercore Speed 20000: 1 Hr 36 Min
Original Moto Turbocharger: 1 Hr 9 Min

So while the two anker products take marginally longer to charge that particular device the Moto is still getting a fast charge off both the battery and the PD wall charger.

Also, it should be noted the Moto phone does NOT list itself as being either QC 3.0 or PD compatible, but it appears to be anyway. i suspect Moto was trying to pretend like their “TurboCharge” standard was unique in the industry when it really isn’t. I think they (and others out there trying to use charging speed for marketing) would be better off sticking to a single protocol like PD or QC.

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Thanks @nigelhealy - I agree about the price and sales. I’m not quite that well-off either! I actually got this with my 2nd birthday post prize pack.

@Sara_Wright Welcome to the community! Stick around and you’ll probably find your way into one of these products as a forum prize or in a drawing. @ankerofficial really takes care of their community members :hugging:

Thanks also to everyone for reading the review and responding! I’ve got a few more reviews coming soon - I have a backlog that I’ve been meaning to get to and I finally made some time to sit down and write the reviews!


What is the charging watts of your turbocharger? My Moto x pure turbo charger was 30w but I see some listed at even 18w.

This one is even less than that - 15W

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Dang, I wonder why they dropped the wattage for the z force phones. I bet if u had a 30w charger you wouldn’t want any other charger

Probably not, but that Anker PD charger is rated at 30W, so I don’t know if the phone would take a 30w charger anyway :unamused:

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Great review!! This gives me a good idea of how I should write my review for Soundcore Life 2.