Review Official Anker Hard Case for Anker PowerCore 20000

Anker has done it again with this stylish lightweight case for the PowerCore battery bank series. :star::star::star::star::star:

The case itself is very compact and offers great drop and water spray protection ( I wouldn’t go submergeing it though) it even has room for a cable it two. Compared with the other case I have from my PowerCore Elite 20,000 this case is slightly more compact and much more visually appealing and made from premium materials including it’s zipper. The interior soft lining and the stiching are more precise and gives the look and feel of some high end handbags my girlfriend is always raving about. This case can be easily slipped into my pocket or my backpack or even clipped onto a belt loop or exterior Loop of any bag now that I have added a small carabiner to the small exterior loop. Anybody who lives a life on the go and wants to keep their powercore power bank protected from small drops and looking brand new along with carrying a few cables would benefit from owning this case. Now that Anker has started to offer cases to their lineup I do not see myself ever going back to the cheaply made and overpriced eBay cases. 9.99$ for this case is more than reasonable and anybody sitting on the fence should immediately pull the trigger and get this case you will not regret your decision. I almost forget to mention that the case comes with Ankers worry free 18 month warranty something other case makers would never offer. The one thing I wish Anker would have included with the case is a small carabiner but that wasn’t an issue as I have many lying around my place and the price is right on the case.

These are the power banks Anker lists that will fit but I have also found that the case will fit my PowerCore Elite 20,000 although the Elite has a different shape without rounded edges and it is a tight fit. The powerbanks listed below will fit no problem.

Ideal For: Anker PowerCore 15600, PowerCore 20100, PowerCore 20000 with Quick Charge 3.0, PowerCore Speed 20000 PD, and PowerCore Speed 20000 (Interior Dimensions: 7.28 × 2.40 inches


@jesse Thanks for the thorough review about the Anker Hard Case.

@pdiddy19842000 No problem glad that you liked it. My screen name is @Jesse_Hernandez1 though :wink:


What about the smell?
Those cases have often a bad, chemical smell, which will disappear after some time.

But for many consumers it’s always a reason to write negative reviews.

e.g, The textile coating of the FLARE is such one.

Great review! The texturing on the outside of the case kind of reminds me of the Powercore II’s outside pattern (see the fourth image down). Also, how durable do you think the pouch on the inside is? (Or rather, how many Powerline+ IIs could I fit in there before it explodes?)

There is a very slight “new material” smell but it is by no means overwhelming like the Flare smelled at first and I fully expect the slight new material smell to dissipate completely in a week or so once it has had a chance to breathe out of its plastic wrapping and box.

It actually reminds me of a new car smell :sunglasses:

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Nice review, and I love how you used your “special” anker box as your backdrop for your pictures. Love it

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They are definitely a very close match pattern wise. As for the internal pocket size I can comfortably fit a 6foot Powerline+ II with room to spare and the case zips up easily and does not bulge.

That is my go to background for now until I find something better but it is hard to beat Anker blue😀

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Great job @Jesse_Hernandez1
I do like the look of these and can pack a bunch of cables for all situations and friends needs etc :ok_hand:

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Thanks for the review. Love the look of the case. It’s on my wish list.


In which case you will use small carabiner?

Great review. Mine just came in the other day and I love it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and great pics of the case.

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Just a clip like this one :arrow_down:but smaller like the one that come with the soundbuds curve. The clip that comes on the soundcore case is a little big for this thin case.