Review of the Soundcore Motion+

As a music lover, I’ve come across a lot of Bluetooth speakers. The Soundcore Motion+ can EASILY compared to big name brands such as the HomePod from Apple for a much more reasonable and affordable price. The Soundcore Motion+ is a beautiful and very sleek speaker. With a size of 3.2 x 3.1 x 10.1 inches, it does a lot with its relatively small form. It can be used for most occasions. Whether you’re having a picnic at a park or the beach, to a hike, to family functions, it’s a great product that can definitely liven up a party! Not to mention, it doesn’t take much space, which makes it super easy to pack. Considering the fact that it weighs in at 2.31 pounds, it doesn’t feel cheap at all. From the finish, to the technicalities, it feels like a luxurious speaker. Even when you pick it up, you can automatically tell it’s good quality. The only part of the speaker I’m not too pleased with, was the fact that the coating leaves smudges but is very smooth. Overall, it’s an excellent speaker all around. The sound quality is very rich! The speaker is pretty good at producing a wide frequency range from 50Hz to 40kHz. Which means that you’ll hear finer details in the music you listen to, thanks to stronger mids and trebles. Also, taking into account the size of the speaker, the bass excels! Another quality I am supper impressed with is the battery. It has a capacity of 6700mAh. Meaning it’ll last you a good 10-12 hours if you’re playing music at minimum volume. It takes about 3-4 hours to get a full charge. It is also very critical that speaker itself is waterproof. With a waterproofing rating of IPX7, you’re not left worried about getting it wet nor having accidents near water. The buttons on top, are straight forward and very easy to use. Volume up, volume down, Bluetooth connection, bass on/off, and the soundcore button to pause/change songs and summon your virtual assistant such as Siri. The separate Soundcore application gives you the extra ability to change the equalizer which is amazing and I greatly appreciate! I definitely recommend this speaker to music lovers who want great value for an affordable price.

Thanks for your review, i did have ahard time reading it though.

if i can offer some advice for future reviews…could you please try and break down your review into sections such as pros and cons, your thoughts and conclusion. This would make it alot easier to read and flow better with what your trying to convey as a whole about what your reviewing


Nice review and pics

Great review. I can tell you are loving that nice speaker :+1:

Nice review and photos! It definitely needs to be broken up into stages as I kept loosing where I was on it, with it all being in one lump.