Review of the Official Anker Hard Case for Anker PowerCore 20000

The Official Anker Hard Case For Anker PowerCore 2000 is a drop-proof protective case for your portable power bank. The case is designed to protect against drops and knocks. In addition to drop and knock protection it is water resistant. The water resistant PU leather exterior will protect your power bank and its accessories.


The interior uses a soft scratch resistant fabric that will help prevent surface damage such as scratches, denting, and surface rubbing. To help keep your power bank securely in place, there is an elastic strap and a pouch for accessory storage.


This case can hold any power bank that is less than 7.28 x 2.40 inches. It is an ideal fit for the Anker PowerCore 15600, PowerCore 20100, PowerCore 20000 with Quick Charge 3.0, PowerCore Speed 20000 PD, and PowerCore Speed 20000.

The Review

About a week ago Anker sent me a sample of their new Official Anker Hard Case for the Anker PowerCore 2000 to test and review. On first impression I have to say this a great looking case that will protect and preserve your valuable power bank and its accessories.


The case came in a simple white and blue box. The case came in a plastic protective bag with the Happy/Sad Card inside the case. The case was ready to use as soon as I pulled it out of its packaging.


First thing I did was a sniff check. Many of the PU Leather cases on the market are cheaply made and have a bad chemical smell that doesn’t really go away. This was not the case for the Anker case. It has a new product smell but its already fading away.

When it comes to testing a case there isn’t much to it. Your power bank and accessories will fit or they won’t. For testing purposes I used several different cable sizes, Blitzwolf Power Bank 15600 for off brand testing, and the Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C for brand testing.


When testing a case, I check to see how strong the case is, how strong the zipper is, and how much stretch the fabric has and well the stitching or fabric break if I put it under to much stress.

Testing with the Blitzwolf Power Bank 15600


For the first test I used the Blitzwolf power bank with my 6 ft Anker PowerLine+ Micro USB and a 30 pin Apple USB cable. With all three items I was not able to close the case. If I removed the smaller cable I was able to close the case. The case did stretch a little.

If I use smaller cables, I could easily get 3 cables in there and not have a problem. With the option to carry 3 short cables I can take advantage of the Blitzwolf power bank’s two ports and charge two devices at once and have a third cable if one of the cables is lost or damaged.

Testing with the Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C


Next, I tested with the Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C and its three supplied cables. The first thing I noticed is the power bank is slightly larger than the interior of the case. But the power bank fits in it with a snug fit. It stretches the case a little. Over time the case should form and stretch to fit the power bank. With the three cables and the power bank, its a tight fit, but it fits. There was not enough stress on the case, the seams, or the zippers to cause future damage.


The Official Anker Hard Case For Anker PowerCore 2000 Vs Other Cases On the Market

There are plenty of cheap cases sold on eBay and Amazon. Sometimes these cases can be cheaper than the Official Anker Hard case For Anker PowerCore 20000. But the differences can be seen by reading the reviews and looking at stock/reviewer pictures.

The cheap cases may be knock off cases of quality brands or universal cases by well known case manufactures. The problem with these cases are you do not know what you are getting. Some of these case may smell bad, made with cheap materials, or just doesn’t protect your devices.


With Anker products, if Anker says it will do something, then it will. They stand by their products and if it fails on you, they will take care of you. But with a case like this, you should have years of good use out of it. It will protect your power banks and keep them looking nice so you can get years of use out of them.

Final Thoughts

This is a great case and I love the fact that I can carry my two large power banks with me keep them protected. If I’m on a short trip I can use my smaller Blitzwolf Power Bank. If I am on a longer trip or have others with me that might want to charge up along the way, the Anker Power Bank can be used.

Now I can just toss the case with the loaded power bank on the seat of my car, in my gear bag, or use the power bank outside and charge my devices without the charger getting to hot in the sun.


The case isn’t large enough to hide your phone and a power block in there together. Its not wide enough for most phones.

I highly recommend this case for anyone with large power block that is less than 7.28 x 2.40 inches or have one of the listed Anker Power Banks.

To see the complete review check my review on my personal site. - Review: Official Anker Hard Case for Anker PowerCore 20000


Excellent review and pics. These cases would be great to store the power bank in the car. I get a bit nervous leaving my PowerBank in the car.


Thank you for your input! It seems like our battery case should design bigger to fit various storage demand.:wink:

Such as phone storage, key storage, or snack storage?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


nice review!! and pics: :ok_hand:


That would be great idea. As much I like the narrow case. I think if it was slightly longer and wide enough to store iPhone X then most power banks and phones could be stored together during charging.


That was such a great review! Appreciate how thorough it was!

Thanks for including a review and fitment for the powercore 20100 usb -c, you answered the exact questions I had…

Silly question, will the powercore 20100 usb c fit inside this hard case while it is inside the small cloth pouch that is initially provided with? Looks like you have a picture of the cloth pouch underneath the the hard case… I’m assuming it wont fit, but still curious.