Review of the Anker PowerCore II Slim 10000 power bank

Anker products have always impressed me and the PowerCore II Slim 10000mAh is no exception. It’s a 10,000mAh rated power bank that has been resized to the approximate size of a larger-screened mobile phone like the iPhone 6/6S and about twice as thick. The power bank measures in at 2.6” x 5.39” x 0.61”. This makes it convenient to piggy-back the phone on top of the power bank to used as a stacked unit. One face of the power bank is rubberized (silicone) to be grippy so there’s no slippage of the phone on the power bank while using it in this stacked configuration. Of course, you do not need to use it in this manner and you can just use it as a normal power bank with no stacking involved.

The power bank’s capacity measures 10,000mAh. That’s about 3 charges for iPhone 7 or 2 charges for Galaxy S7. Expect multiple full charges for other phones and devices.

The power bank is able to charge Apple, Android and Quick Charge devices at their fastest possible speed. Yes, the power bank is Quick Charge capable for both charging the device (power bank to device) as well as charging the power bank itself (wall charger to power bank). A Quick Charge capable charger is required for the latter for the increased charge speed.

For recharging the power bank itself, the recharge times are:
Using 5V/1A Charger: 10 Hours
Using 5V/2A Charger: 5 Hours 40 Minutes
Using a Quick Charge Charger: 4 Hours

The package includes:
PowerCore II Slim 10000 portable charger
60cm Micro-USB Cable (no Apple Lightning cable is included)
Travel Pouch
Welcome Guide
Worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service

The packaging is Anker’s evironmentally-friendly, blue/black/white signature Anker-fare.

The power bank performs as advertised and is a pleasure to use. The blue LED indicators which show the charge level of the battery, as well as how much the power bank has been charged, each show a 25% per LED capacity. Fit and finish is impeccable and quality is top-notch with a very robust design and feel.

Typical Anker quality, this power bank will serve you very well for all your charging needs.


Nice review, was this entered into the contest? Is there much heat transfer to the phone when using it in the “piggy-back” condition?

Nice review and detail of the product. Thanks :thumbsup:

No, this review was not entered into the contest as it was written a few days after the contest’s deadline.

In my very limited use in the piggy-back configuration, I have not noticed any heat transfer whatsoever.

:thumbsup: review. Thanks for the details. I prefer the look of the Slim II vs the original.

Great little portable battery I purchased another I liked it so much! Hook both up to the 21w solar panel. Works great. Even charges 12.9 iPad .great size, fast charge ,durable,and fast recharge. Best for portability.


The 21W solar panel outputs 2A per port so it is no faster than the 5h40 figure.

The Powercore 26800 and the Powercore II 20000 have dual 2A input so can benefit more from strong sunshine than the Powercore II 10000 Slim.

Of course in less than ideal situations you’d not be getting as much as 2A so it moot.

Nice review @SZak2015. :+1: detail of the product.

I am really interested in getting this! Thanks for the insight!

Wonderful review. Thank you for all of the details.

I’m strongly considering this as a replacement for my trusty, old Astro 3 10k.
I’ve been waiting for a form factor that makes sense and that’s stayed around the 10k mark.

Powercore II slim is my go to battery for its size shape and capacity. Have most of ankers batts but seem to go for II slim. Anker batteries cost a little more,but are the best for safety and quality. I wouldn’t want a cheap battery destroying my iPad or worse burning down my house.or breaking when I need it in a pinch.

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Thank you for trusting us! My friend!