Review of the anker flare mini

Well after a couple months of waiting to try and win it in giveaways and testing events i have decided to pull the trigger and buy the anker flare mini with a reasonable price of £39.99 here is the link to where you can get that price: textkeywords=anker+flare+mini&qid=1563709640&s=gateway&sr=8-1

Now on the review
So after having the speaker for a day or two and using it constantly i am now able to give you my review: So after being a little bit skeptical on the flare mini because i am used to more high end speakers like this one:

I am now able to comfortable say that you really dont need to spend £150 to £200 on a speaker £50 will get fanstatic value for money!
Sound quality
The sound quality on this speaker is rich and punchy and at the same time giving you great sound clarity some people mentioned the bass was a little week but i found that not to be a problem. The speaker can give good range and can fill up a whole room easily! You will not be disappointed!

Build quality
The build quality on the speaker is brilliant! Even though it’s one of the mid range speakers on the market it feels premium and sturdy and best of all its water proof!

Now there are lights on the speaker there not the brightest in the world but they can easily bearing in mind this in the dark light up the whole room without a problem!

For charging sadly there is no usb type c but anker includes one of there nice little micro usb cables which are great quality! And it’s charges in a hour and you easily get a few days of use out of it before charging it.

It uses blue tooth and the 3.5mm audio jack the Bluetooth range on the speaker is perfect!

Should you buy it?
Yes I would recommend this speaker to any one looking for a new one around the fifty pounds price range and if you don’t need one well don’t buy it’s saves the environment

Note to @AnkerOfficial stop using those little plastic bags it’s terrible for the environment just use the card board box :+1:


Beside your very good made review, this is a remarkable note I like!
Thank you.

Stopp all this useless plastic garbage!


Great review, its one of the few I’ve seen on the flare mini, thanks for sharing.

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Nice review, I have been contemplating a pair of flare’s, can you link two of these up too?

Yes you can do stereo pairing with the flares :+1:

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Nice review and a good looking speaker!

Great review @Alex_Honnor thanks for sharing :+1:

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Nice! Do these have any kind of weather protection? I think it’d nice to set up a pair on the patio.

Nice review, great pics!

Great review! :ok_hand:

Great review :clap:. I noticed the same thing with my A0. It came in a cardboard box- but it was covered in a plastic slip, and wrapped in a foam bag. It’s incredible cheap looking…

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It is water proof - ipx7 rated don’t know about dust proof

They are partially dust proof, if for short outdoor parties, however that does not mean they can be fit permanently in the outdoors in extreme weather such as severe high temps. For IPx7, it is waterproof completely with it’s casing, impermeable protection to water even during complete submersion with music being played or not, only requirement being the charging cover should remain closed when near / in water.

I plan to test this in next couple of days in water


Thanks for the info

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Well done :slight_smile: Short and to the point :wink:

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it’s good to know that

Great review!!!

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IP is the dust and waterproofing level. The first number (X in this case) is the dust proofing, while the second number is the water proofing. Is has level 7 waterproofing. The X means they chose not to measure the dust proofing.

So there’s no way you can say his dust proof it is- unless you tested it.

Great review. It good to see another convert.

I agree, @AnkerOfficial, no more of these wasteful tiny bags.

I know about IP / IPX rating, have read a lot of times on this community, also more information is available here

When I said

I also wrote that it does not mean “permanently” fit in outdoors.

For short time use, these should be good to use. If I am in my patio, I will have it with me or by the poolside.