Review of Silver SoundCore Nano!

Hi All,

I won a Nano as part of the Christmas giveaway, and to be honest I wasn’t expecting much. How could such a small device be any better than the speakers built into the phone? Seriously, this thing is TINY:

I was not prepared for how much sound it puts out. The bass is a bit lacking (obviously) and it’s not going to over power a room full of dancers or anything, but it’s a great fit for on-the-go audio when you need a quick boost of sound. Currently, I’m using it as the audio system for my truck, which has no stereo, and I couldn’t be happier.

The only downside is the battery life. It clocks in at under 4 hours, but hey, it’s tiny!

Anyway, it;s very reasonably priced, durable metal case, and TINY! You can legitimately fit it in your pocket or the extra pocket of a back pack and have sound on the go whenever you need.


I use mine when we unload a truck at work, plug in a battery pack and keep playing through the day without interuption

I too, am very impressed with the sound that comes out of that little tiny thing. Small enough to clip it on my chihuahua’s collar. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for that review. I’ve been looking for a portable alternative to my UE Boom’s which I love but are a little big for traveling with. Are these water resistant?

No - the plug for the power does not have a flap cover :disappointed:

I have couple of these. I don’t use them now that I have the Soundcore Boost, but these little guys pack a punch. I leave one in the work shop and one out in the barn.

They look like my Sony golf ball sized surround sound system speakers.

How long does battery last?

I have one of these and can attest to it lasting around 4 hours, longer if you have the volume a bit muted

Lol anytime I use speakers as opposed to earphones it’s Cus I wanna have it up full tilt - not always good for sound quality though.

Pink version on sale in the US today:

Great price :slight_smile:

Can you buy a cover for them? As I’m not sure pink would fit in well with my room’s colour scheme :joy::joy:

Alex packs one in his bag. See it [here] ( I got the kids SoundCore Mini’s for Christmas. They are seriously funky for their size too.