Review of Robovac 30C

First off these guys are amazing amazingly quiet and powerful. I really enjoy my little robovac, the customer service experience is phenomenal no one beats you guys. I would love to test products for you guys because I have so many already and all I do is talk about how great they are. Your customer service is amazing and you create wonderful products. Great job

You should upload some photos :grin:.

If you want to test products for them, anker has a promotion going on right now. They are selecting content creators to make reviews on free products! Seeking Content Creators | Get Free Products!

Good luck!

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As @Anjou1888 said there is a thread to try to be a tester. Yes Anker customer service and products are amazing and I’m glad you speak highly of them. Good luck hope you get to test them and that you’ll post some nice reviews on the forum for us all to enjoy

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@Michaelrichter02 It would be good for community members if you could expand a bit more on your observations (good/bad/improvements etc) and perhaps add some photos?


I use one, and it does a great job! :sunglasses:

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Well after a year of use, we had an issue but contacted customer support and of course amazing as always. Walked us through the fix and runs great again. Adding eufy Cams to the home soon and will be posting a review on the website with photos this time as has been suggested.

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