Review of Roav SmartCharge F0

This is a great device that delivers exactly what is expected of it! I recently got mine and ran right out to the car to try it out, as my second attempt at the tape deck adapter was not successful.

I was able to very quickly glance through the instructions and find out the setting changes I wanted to make that werent super obivous, which were the correct long press procedures to enter a mode to change the frequency.

For overall design, the only thing I would change personally, and im sure it depends on the car and location of the outlet, but the charging cables are in the way of the buttons once you have them plugged in. I resorted to keeping mine upside down, and know to use the forward back buttons in the opposite sides of where they are expected, if I dont do it from my phone.

I am not sure if it is due to connecting multiple devices to it, but it seems to be failing at automatically connecting each time I get into the car. I have to find it in the BT settings on the phone and click to connect.

The phone feature worked at normal speaking levels, but my recipients said I sounded like I was in a large room. Not sure if location of the mic (low in my car to have it plugged in) is the only thing at play, but I didnt have to raise my voice to be heard.

The charging works great and seems to be equivalent as expected between both ports and is faster than the previous chargers ive had in the car.

I do have to shut it off to not get any interference on other radio stations if I choose to simply listen to the radio.

It defintely was worth the 20 I spent on it on sale! Great purchase and device ANKER!


thanks, any pictures?

Nice review. Do you have some photos to share?

good review, thanks for sharing