Review of Anker USB-Micro to USB-C Converters

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This is a review of the USB-Micro to USB-C converters made by Anker. While Benson Leung has already done a more thorough review than I can, I thought I’d share my thoughts anyway.

tl;dr - These are an excellent, affordable way to make the transition to USB-C without replacing all of your micro cables. They appear to support fast charging of many types, including Moto’s TurboCharge standard.

First of all, thank you Anker for excellent packaging (as usual). I usually hate these cardboard-and-plastic contraptions and believe they add to the wrap rage epidemic plaguing the world right now. This package is super easy to open, and it even snaps back shut!

As for charge speeds, it appears that these little guys are prepared to deliver fast charging of many types. As well as being advertised to support QC 2.0, they support Moto’s Turbo Charge standard and tested out at the same level as the included moto cable. Here is the Moto Cable and Moto Plug being metered to a Moto Z2 Force Edition:

Here is an Anker Micro USB cable (one that shipped with the Soundcore Boost) with the Anker Micro-to-USB-C connectors delivering better performance. Notice that the phone in this picture recognizes the Anker setup delivering Turbo Charge (It’s the small white text at the bottom of the phone, which says “TurboPower Connected”):

To be fair, Moto’s Turbo charge seems to pass over other cables as well. Here is a MonoPrice USB-C Cable delivering similar performance:

I don’t have a way to test data transfer speed at the moment, but other reviews have confirmed that these connectors perform well in that area as well.

All in all, and excellent product, and more importantly, an affordable way to transition to USB-C without giving up on all your Micro-USB cables that you already have! Currently $6.99 on Amazon, this is an excellent and less-expensive alternative to other good USB-C cables capable of this type of performance.


Good review and its good to see I’m not the only that gets annoyed upset when dealing over packed products.


Anker has a way with packaging. Much better and organized than others. None of the plastic that is fused with high frequency.


Good job with the review. Don’t worry about other people’s review. Just give us your two cents. It’s all good. Your opinion may differ from other reviewers and you may even bring up points that others didn’t make so again, it’s all good. :slight_smile:


Good review (and a plus one on the packaging :smile:) :thumbsup:

As @Nhi has mentioned, don’t be put off by others writing a review before yours. Having several opinions on a product (and experiences with it) will help others make more informed choices :smile:


These accessories are very useful. Thanks for the review.

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Thanks everyone! I’m glad my review helps :hugging:

Yeah @ndalby and @Element321 - the packaging struggle is real. According to Wiki:

“Consumers sometimes use potentially unsafe tools such as razor blades, boxcutters, snips and ice picks in their attempts to open packages. In the Yours survey, 71% of respondents said they had been injured while trying to open food packaging. The most common injury respondents had from trying to open packaging was “a cut finger, followed by a cut hand, sprained wrist, bruised hand and strained shoulder muscle.” According to a British study, over 60,000 people receive hospital treatment each year due to injuries from opening food packaging. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimated that attempts to open packaging caused about 6,500 emergency room visits in the U.S. in 2004. A 2009 study conducted by the Institute for Good Medicine found that 17 percent of adults over the age of 21 were either injured at least once or know of someone who was injured while opening a holiday or birthday gift.”

60,000 PEOPLE IN HOSPITAL ANNUALLY?!?!?!? Be careful out there this holiday season, folks! Packaging is coming for us!

Anyway, I’m really excited about these because I have lots of Micro USBs of various lengths - these are a great way to have a super long USB-C Cable if I need it, and they even support rapid charging.


You’re putting that new power meter to good use! Thanks for the detailed review, @ryandhazen!

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Commenting here because its been over a year and i am still using these every day. Also, more and more people need usb c so these aee a great option to make your favorite cables work with your new device :slight_smile:

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I feel like I’d lose them though

I just leave them on my cables…works really well actually

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Alright maybe I’ll look into picking them up then

Yes indeed. Thank you for these true words.
Plastic, plastic, the human beings will be drowned by plastic garbage.
So useless to pack these small item in such a package. :angry:

ANKER should avoid those waste.

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Yeah we definitely don’t need more waste, I run recycling programs for concerts in my area and it’s getting harder and harder to find people that will buy even clean plastic for recycling…


What is that device called that measures the amps and power?

It’s a drok meter, they come in various styles and types. Some with Bluetooth and software to track what you measure as well

I recommend this one, which is the model I’m currently using:


Thanks everyone

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