Review of Anker Soundsync A3341 Bluetooth 2-in-1 Transmitter and Receiver, with Bluetooth 5, aptX Low-Latency Technology, aptX-HD

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What a useful Bluetooth transmitter and reciver. This little beauty allows me to connect two devices simultaneously to play audio to for example headphones or bluetooth speakers or play music from my phone over my large speakers through my amplifier via the optical audio ports with amazing audio quality and a very stable connection.

Examples of use include Connecting to Eufy genie, television, computer, wired or wireless headphones and amplifier.

This little guy measurs in at just under 3" and about the thickness of a dvd case. It is a lot more compact and a lot lighter than I was expecting. I will most likely leave this connected to my television for late night TV viewing but it has a built-in battery and battery life of 20 hours that coupled with a wide variety of audio jack connections a adapters (rca, optical and headphone jack connecters ) make it very versatile. I have also used this to connect my wired high quality headphones with amazing results and will provide a portable headphone jack to those of you who might have lost that feature with the recent trend of cell phone manufacturers removing there headphone jacks. As I previously stated it is highly versatile the uses are only limited by you creativity and Imagination. The Setup process is fairly straightforward and detailed in the manual. But mostly consist of 2 second presses of the single button on the device and adjusting it from receiver to transceiver modes via the sliding switch on the side. As far as I can tell this is the only RX / TX with Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX audio enhancement tech putting it in a class of it’s own.

Please share your ideas for potential use below thanks for reading.


I’ve been thinking about getting one on of these. Thanks for the review!

I have an old 5.1 home theater system out in my barn and I haven’t used in a few years because I can’t connected to my phone or tablet. I think with one of these connected to the receiver I could connect to spotify, crank up the tunes and annoy my neighbors (sound carries for miles in the country :smile:

Another option is hooking up to my TV so I can listen as loud as want when my wife and overnight guest go to bed (I’m a night owl)


Great review! I was wondering what this was for but now I know. Thanks.

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I’m a night owl too sleep is a waste of time life is too short, I’ll sleep when I’m dead😎 Don’t let that stereo go to waste loud music is good for the soul. I’m using it right now with my tv and can finally enjoy loud movies at night. I’m thinking about picking up another to stick on an old set of over ear headphones that sound amazing but I rarely use because I move around constantly and the wire doesn’t jive.


So glad I’m not the only one who says this. This is why I got a job working overnight.

I too am gonna have to get one of these as my old amp just blew and I’m gonna drag out my ancient reciever so I can a try least have some tunes in the garage. Paired with this and streaming to my soundcore flares, I will be rocking out while working on the cars

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Good review @Jesse_Hernandez1 , have a similar device from another manufacturer and it does come in handy for varied connection and playback methods…

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I bought some cheap stuff and was really disappointed with audio quality. Need to cash out for something better it seems.

When it comes to uses sky is the limit really. The thing I like about those devices is that you can make you old hi fi system more modern and usable from anywhere in the house. If you have older car stereo with good quality speakers but don’t feel like putting a new radio in it’s also a great upgrade to play stuff from your phone via BT.

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Excellent! I’ve been waiting for Anker to update their Bluetooth transmitter/receiver for a while now!

Thanks for the review!

dope! I was just looking for something similar

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great review :muscle:

Thank ya Daisy.

Picked this up on the U.K. PU program this morning…interested to see what I can do with this one and a unbranded version I already have. Time to put the thinking cap on for my review :thinking:


Is there anyway to have the unit turn on automatically with connected power?

I have this in my car and it works great for sound quality using Apt-X HD from my phone to get optical to my DSP. However, it’s kind of inconvenient that I have to press the button to turn on the unit everytime I get in the car.

If I have it connected to a switched USB supply, it would be great if it would just turn on and turn off when it gains/loses power, effectively bypassing the internal battery I guess. I’d really like to hide the unit in the back so it kind of defeats the purpose if I need to interact with it every time I want to use it requiring me to have it in the front.

Will it work if I try to input audio via AUX and output it through SPDIF?

Great review and pictures. Love it :thumbsup:

Hi there,
I would like to ask if the device can act as a SPDIF (optical) to analog audio converter. My amplifier has only an analog input and my TV receiver has an optical output. I will also need it to connect a Google home mini to the amplifier.
Thanks in advance

I reply to myself. It doesn’t work. Once a jack is plugged the device prioritized it over the SPDIF input. Anker’s team should have either added another button as an input selector or creating an app to set the device up. So that people do not have to unplug the jack cable in order to use SPDIF.

I want to try this but $40 is too much IMO. Looking for a nice discount :slight_smile:

Nice review.

aptX is a must when it comes to Bluetooth. Prefer the sound with that codec support.