Review of Anker [2-Pack 3ft] Premium Double-Braided Nylon USB-C to USB-A Cable (Black)

I have always had a good experience using Anker cables. I normally use the micro USB cables and Lightning USB cables and normally never have to replace them unless I end up losing it. In any case, I recently got an Anker Powercore Speed 20000PD that uses a USB-C cable to charge it up and found myself wanting another cable in case I ever lose the one that it came with. I ended up getting this Anker 2-pack 3ft, USB-C to USB-A 2.0 and it works perfectly fine with Powercore Speed 20000PD battery. I also tested it with my GoPro Hero 5 and it works great with that as well. The cables came in a small box. Each one comes with a velcro strap for when you want to roll up the cables and tie them up. The double braided nylon feels durable. The housing of the ends seem to be made of hard metal or aluminum and the part where the cable is attached to is made of some hard rubber. I feel like these cables should last a long time. If I had one complaint, It would be the velcro straps that came with the cables. They sometimes stick to the braided nylon which might end up fraying over time for anyone that uses them. I never use the velcro straps anyways so it won’t be an issue for me. Overall, i’m happy with them and would happily get them again if I end up losing these as well.


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Awesome pics and a great review!

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