Review: Ice-Case Absorb for Galaxy S8

Needed a case for my new S8, don’t normally use cases but dropped my S6 and smashed the screen so wanted one for the shiny new S8. Saw that the Ice-Case Absorb for Galaxy S8 was on the power user program so thought I would give it a go. Never had anything to protect my devices from Anker before, only portable chargers, speakers and headphones.

Came in the iconic Anker packaging, love the clean look. First impressions when I got it out was good, looked a sturdy case. Hard clear back and rubber sides to help with grip. Popped the phone into the case snug fit and it felt nice in the hand. The case made the phone feel quite a lot wider but not much thicker. All cut outs line up perfectly and the buttons for lock/power, volume and Bixby are clicky so you know when you’ve pressed them. Really like that the cut out for the fingerprint scanner, camera and flash has a smoothed edge next to the flash so that you don’t get any reflection from the case when using the flash, really nice touch. Not dropped it yet so cannot say if how shock absorbent it is.

Would definitely recommend the case. Also a bonus, its only £9.99

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Wow, look nice! Thanks @Greg_hendrie for sharing your Anker experience with us!

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