Review Evercam compared to Circle2 with some Suggestions

Hi Community,

I have installed 3 EUFY Evercams 3 weeks ago and here are my first impressions:

(+) Coming from LOGITECH Circle2s I am mostly impressed by battery life. The Circles lasted under same conditions maximum 6 weeks, although they were advertised with 3 months. Evercams still have not loose one bar of the battery indicator.

(+) Installation was similar, but those small screws keeping things in position broke out of the threads after 6 months, probably by sun- or coldness weakened plastics. Eufy’s solution looks more robust, even if the mounting is not optimal.

(+) People moan about WIFI signal strengths? I can tell you that I needed 2 WIFI extenders
added to my FRITZBOX router with same position of the LOGITECH cameras at my outer house walls. The EUFY base station is placed right beside my router now and connects with good to great WIFI signal for all 3 cams.

(+) Getting live stream lasted up to 30 seconds with Circles, 3 seconds with the Evercams.

(+) Video quality is same by daylight, at dark conditions Evercam rules out the Circles by far! Only thing I miss a bit was the 180° viewing angle of the Circles, but to be fair, that does not help, if the motion sensor aims only straight ahead.

(+) 2-Way communication with strangers, especially from outside the same network, is clear and more real-time than with Circle’s 3-5 seconds delay.

(o) Room for improvement mostly on the software site, as the GUI and options feel quite basic. Here it is obvious that LOGITECH has some more experience.

  • Updates: See the other topics, OTA does not fly recently, I am also still on the old version. Although you are pretty good in communicating the details, it is not clear whether base station or cams are updated, and where which version should be the most recent one.
  • Privacy: I second a suggestion in another thread for countdown options of no recording, probably here is potential with the upcoming geo-fencing stuff. Please give it more than just on/off. This adds to the share access functionality and the possibility to decide if and what guest can see.
  • Recognition: Honestly I do not get the KI stuff here. It is nice that EUFYCAM recognizes faces but I am still a “stranger”, even with a clear pic of me stored in the familiar faces DB. Not sure anymore, bit someone suggested to teach the KI manually by the those “stranger”-pics recognized. I would second this! If it works, are familiars still recognized and recorded?
  • Events: still very basic, all events flooding the logs, a pain to delete all the stuff, as only 20 of them are shown at a time. I suggest wrapping things up after a day, so you get just one comprehensive line-item with all recordings as soon as 24h went by. This would improve the event-page heavily and makes fun to watch :slight_smile: Categorizing events of strangers, with/without humans, familiars etc… and filter them might make sense.
  • not that important with that great battery life, but an option to decide how often things are recorded might make sense. Any motion is recently recorded, even if you just left the observed area for 30 seconds. Working in the garden leads to 100 events a day :smiley: something like record only every 1min, 5min, 30min after last event or so?

All in all I am very happy with a backed and such young product. Keep improving!

Regards, Daniel


Nice review and comparison! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the comparison and feedback about the software side of things. As these roll out and more people use it, it can only get better


Beautiful review. Keep us updated on your experience!


I am coming from a wired system and absolutely love my Eufycams so far. I haven’t had any range issues at this point. Waiting for some updates. Communication has been great so far.


Nice review!! :ok_hand:

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