Review: eufy Body Sense Smart Scale

Quick Take

The eufy Body Sense Smart Scale is a good first attempt at this product by eufy. While the weight is accurate, the body measurements are largely made by comparing your height to your weight. You would, obviously, get more accurate BMI, muscle mass, and hydration percentages from a professional reading, but that’s not really a problem as long as you are only trying to identify long term trends, which is why I got one of these. Here’s what I like:


At $44.99 on Amazon, this is a great entry for someone that’s looking to use technology to track their health.


The app is great, easy to use, and provides trend lines to encourage you to keep up your good work:

I’m trying to get in better shape, and it encourages me to keep up the good work as I see my trends improving. I can look back over the past and see myself improving. In the past, I have gotten off track because I don’t always remember where I was when I started. This app really helps keep things in perspective.

Slim, Modern Design

This scale simply looks great. It’s classy, modern, and has a very slim profile. I like the way it looks in my room.

Easy to Setup, Easy to Use

Just step on this scale and it reads. If your phone is open, it will automatically send that data and record it in the app – no extra steps needed!

The app itself is easy to setup – just download it from your favorite app provider, connect to the scale vis bluetooth, and you are ready to go!


Phone Has to be Open to Record Reading

I’d like it if the scale would remember its past readings, then deliver them to the phone on the next connection. As it is, this scale only records to the app if you phone is awake and the app is open. Which is probably good because it tracks multiple people (you wouldn’t want to get a reading from someone else in your feed), but It seems like there should be some way to track that.

Not a Professional Reading

I know this is a huge ask for a scale at this price point, and it’s not really a con in identifying trends, but buyers should be aware that the body fat and BMI readings will not be as accurate as a professional reading. This is meant to be a tool for tracking progress, not a medical diagnostic tool. It’s really important to keep that in mind.

###Requires AAA Batteries
I dislike the inclusion of disposable batteries in any Anker Innovations product. They make excellent rechargeable cells. Why not use them here?


I still think this product is worth the price and useful fo keeping you motivated to maintain healthy body weight and proportions. The eufy C1 is even less expensive and likely performs about as well as this one.

Thanks for reading!


Great review @gAnkster As always!!

Eufy Body Sense scale looks good with integration for Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit App.

  1. Requiring phone to be open with app launched is a downside. There should have been option to sync the last measured weight / health parameters whenever the phone app was opened.

  2. Also the unit requiring 4 x AAA batteries is bit odd… the should have been built in rechargeable battery, charged via USB.

At this $45 price, I would really expect these 2 points to be covered.

Ah! I did not mention the batteries. I do dislike disposable batteries in any design from Anker. Updating now…


Nice review!!

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Nice review! Pictures are high quality as well :+1:

To me, both of these things are major problems. Mainly the first one. That’s actually preposterous. If I Bought this scale without knowing that (which I almost did), there is no way I could leave a positive review. That’s just shaming to anker

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In spite of these shortcomings, i ho estly really like the scale. For me, they are drawbacks, not dealbreakers

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Great review and pics!! Good job @gAnkster :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


nice review!

thank you


Nice :+1:t2:, I’m recording my Video tomorrow :sweat_smile: on the scale. But I think I got the older model.


This is the kind of reviews we would like to see always.


Excellent review and observations as usual @gAnkster :ok_hand:

That is a great review :thumbsup:

nice review, thanks for sharing!

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Great review and photos as always buddy. I’m definitely with you about the batteries.

Well, this sucks, a lot. I have another brand’s scale, not expensive, and it does sync with the app over wifi and I get a push notification on my phone. Not sure why Eufy’s work this way…