Review - Bolder LC40 Torch (Rechargeable)

The Bolder LC40 by Anker is the second generation model of their impressive LC40 flashlight but with a twist, introducing features that were originally limited to it’s bigger siblings the LC90 and LC130 all while keeping roughly the same size and weight but with an improved form factor.

In The Box

Bolder LC40 Torch
Micro USB Charging Cable
Warranty Card

The design has been updated to match it’s bigger siblings in shape, a welcome improvement, as the torch certainly sits better in the hand compared to the straight design of 1st gen model. Solid construction, its matt black aluminium body sturdy enough to handle the bumps and knocks that the torch will invariably endure over its life. Packing the same 400 lumen CREE LED, IP65 rating (that’s dust and water spray, not submerge) and 100m beam range, the Bolder LC40 has also been upgraded to match the 5 light modes of the LC90/130 and includes a built-in 3350mAh rechargeable battery allowing on the go recharge from any 5V/1A source in about 6hrs. A downside to the charging though is that unlike the LC90 and LC130, the charging port is external and only protected by a rubber flap. While for most users this is fine, I found the flap can be easily dislodged which compromises the IP65 protection should all weather outdoor use be your goal.

Light modes cover high, medium, low, strobe and SOS for emergencies, making it handy for casual users and hikers alike. Brightness on all three standard modes is impressive, even on low. Compared to a £3.99 torch picked up at a DIY store a year or so ago that runs on x3 AAA like the first gen LC40, it was left well and truly in the dark. Modes can be easily changed with a half-press of the power button and compared to the older LC40, a long press of the power button will power off the torch, holding the last setting used. Anker lists the torch as being able to run at 6hrs on high and 50hrs at low, the LED lifespan being 50,000hrs. Testing over severals days got better than expected hours in average temperatures of 15-25c, losing full power on the high setting after 7hrs 20mins of constant use. Use in higher or lower temperatures may impact battery times experienced.

Rounding out the redesign is non-detachable belt clip and while this is a nice option over the previous release, the inclusion of a wrist strap would have also been good to prevent drops during use (especially when working at heights).

The Good
Recharge capability
Adjustable brightness modes, including emergency SOS
Long battery life
Robust construction
Belt Clip inclusion

The Bad
Rubber flap for micro USB charging can be easily dislodged when base of torch is brushed once or twice by your finger, compromising the IP65 rating. Having the port located inside the torch like the LC90 or perhaps relocated to where the LED is on this model (which is accessible by unscrewing) would be an improvement.

Loss of wrist strap option which was useful to prevent drops when in hand.

Personal Verdict
The Bolder LC40 improves on LC40 in many ways, giving users essentially the majority of things that were wanted with the first generation model but still has room for improvement regarding the charging port location / flap. Although the LED is not listed as upgraded, the torch was brighter in testing against the older LC40 possibly due to the redesigned reflector allowing for better light distribution. Battery life is just plain crazy, with use by the average user probably not requiring more than the medium setting and a charge once every 2-4 months. If your in the market for a new torch but don’t want to break the bank the Bolder LC40 is a sound investment.

At the time of writing the Bolder LC40 is £14.99 on Amazon UK, while the 1st gen LC40 is £8.99. If you already have a set of rechargeable AAA or 18650 batteries and a charger, you could save some money if the extra modes and belt clip are not a necessity. However if not, once you factor in the extra cost for the batteries and charger itself, it makes the Bolder LC40 a no brainer purchase.


As it was mentioned on another thread that sizes and weights are not often referenced for the models, these are;

LC40 (uniform design)
124mm length
27mm diameter
around 100g weight with batteries

LC40 Bolder
126mm length
35mm diameter at the head
24mm diameter from neck to base
122g weight

LC90 Bolder
158mm length
50mm diameter at the head
37m diameter from neck to base
177g weight


@ndalby very good and detailed review and nice picture comparisons!
Hope you get the LC130 :flashlight: someday for another great review.


Ooh me like haha. Good review Neil, love that it not only looks but you can tell it fits better in the hand. The fact that you mentioned it looks brighter makes me really want to get one now.
As for the charging flap, my current flashlight has a similar flap on the handle opposite of the power button, what I did was added a dab of silicone over it and now it stays put unless I pull it out to charge it. Maybe something similar can be done here if it becomes a hassle

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Thanks @pauldey @elmo41683

The flap shouldn’t be much of an issue for me but if I find something while reviewing, I like to mention it for those who will push the item beyond what I am likely to use it for. As for the brightness, it does seem brighter to a few people I’ve shown it to…like I said most likely due to the improved reflector :smile:

@AnkerOfficial , you might need to check the listing for the item as its currently showing a 30w type-c wall charger …


Great review @ndalby and some fab pics showing the comparisons. I really like the LC90 and wouldn’t
Mind having the LC40 in my work bag too. Great torches.

Excellent review @ndalby. I love reviews with lots of pics :slight_smile: I am on the fence about the charging port on your LC40. It’s great that you don’t have to unscrew the top to charge BUT like you said, the flap may be a concern for protection. I have the older LC40. I just picked up the LC130 and love it. Now, I have the LC90 and LC130 in my collection. I’m tempted to pick up the LC40 too. The hubby was so proud of his Duracell 1300 flashlight when he bought it at Costco. But since I’ve picked up the LC40 and LC130, he prefers them over it now. LOL… The more Anker products I introduce him to, the more he wants. Every time I get a package from Anker, he’s like a kid on Christmas Day. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: I’m afraid that pretty soon, we’ll have to double up on everything from Anker. Hahaha.


You should get the hubby on here :thumbsup:

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I can see it now , war over who gets what and says what haha. I recently found put my son is on here and even posted before. Apparently I liked one of his post and didn’t even realize it was him until he said thanks for the like and I was all confused. Go figure haha


Great review!! Good job!!


Another great review, @ndalby! Great comparison pictures!


excellent review, Thank you sir. I was not overly impressed with the original Lc40 when compared with another brand I own with the same price point but this one seems like it just may be the ticket.


Same on
Instead of the torch there are photos of a charger.

I have the original LC40, the new LC40, the original LC90 and LC130

They each have a good home in different roles.

I still prefer the original LC40 for emergency “carry in case of” situations and have then dotted around. It is the one I personally carry in my travels like business trips or keep in bags I regularly carry. Smallest and least to go wrong, but they are more effort to recharge.

The newer LC40 as per this thread is a more use-regular type solution because if you are using it often you are charging it often and then the newer LC40’s included charger is easier. In our family is used to walk the dog.

The older LC90 is much more of a general purpose torch.

The LC130 is more of a beast for the worst corner cases.

If someone just said “I’d like a torch which is bright” I’d recommend this thread’s LC40 because its “idiot proof” peel the flap back and recharge every few weeks and nothing to buy or remember to do. As such it is my default recommendation unless the individual expresses uses which are frequent and more outdoor for longer periods then probably suggest the original LC90.

In our house the defining biggest problem is a long power outage, and the width of the base to point the torch to the ceiling stood on its base, and leave on for hours, is a benefit, which suits the LC130 or the original LC40 LC90. That context is the least best fit to the newer LC40 in this thread as its base is so narrow you can’t prop it on its end, the other models are easier.


Cheers @Nhi @Daiross @TechnicallyWell @bobbleheaderman

Great review @ndalby and a good set of photos to compare models :slight_smile:


@ndalby @fhassm Thank you so much for the information. We are dealing with the problem right now.

Really appreciate the support. :heart:

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Working on it :wink: But then if he comes on here, he might find out that I’m buying too much Anker stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahah but it sounds like he doesn’t mind now too

Original post updated with size and weight details for LC40 thru Bolder LC90.

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Quick question- I’ve had the newer LC40 since about January, and I love it. However, just last night, I discovered that it unscrews where the skinny, battery-storing area meets the curved section. In your pictures, you were somehow able to unscrew it from the third section- how? I was just wondering if this was normal, because even with force, my flashlight never was able to unscrew before (no drops, damage, etc.). Thanks. (And sorry for posting on an older thread.)