Review - Anker's PowerPort 2 Lite

The PowerPort 2 Lite is a nice little charging port for all of your devices. It features Power IQ technology and allows you to charge two devices at the same time. Un-boxing the product is enjoyable - as always. You are greeted with the charger inside a bag when you first open it, and below the cardboard holder there is a welcome guide and feedback card - simple but to the point. Anker does a great job in their packaging, even for the smallest things.
The device features a matte finish around the charging port area, and the rest of the body has a glossy finish. It’s certainly a nice combo, as the matte area doesn’t get scratched from the constant use of USB cords. One of the handy features of the device is that wall plug prongs collapses into the body. This is a great travel feature!
This is good replacement for your OEM USB charger. It will give your device the correct charge at the proper rate.
Overall, I’m extremely impressed with this device and I take it everywhere when I’m traveling!