Review: Anker Vs RAVPower (Quality)

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I am going to go over the quality of both the Anker Astro E5 and the RAVPower 12,000mAh power bank. This is purely QUALITY, no tests in power out put, charge time or charge speed were done in the making of this review. I am going to break it down in terms of quality of the power banks themselves, their sleeves and the wire(s) included. I hope you enjoy!

First, we are gonna discuss texture, personally I think they both are terrible. In the picture the RAVPower battery has finger print marks and easily dirties. The Anker Astro has a glossy texture that will slip out of your hand, it also slides on surfaces. Both products fail here and need to be re-assessed for texture.

Now quality of the plastics used for these batteries, this is where Anker shines. The Astro E5 is made from a very strong plastic that seems almost rugged and could be dropped. The RAVPower plastic is Chinese made plastic that feels cheap and could easily brake.

The buttons on both of these products are ok, not great and not terrible. Both, when not being able to see the battery (in backpack) can be hard to find the button. The Anker button is much better then the RAVPower battery since it is raised and has a nice feel. RAVPower did a poor job on the battery button, it is lower than the chassis and is a really bad plastic.

Anker, what is this, I mean the sleeve has these little frizzy things as seen in the photo above. They don’t cut me, but they are a weird feeling while holding the battery in the sleeve. This is the only problem for the Anker sleeve, however RAVPower has a very similar sleeve minus the frizzy things.

Anker by far has the best cables for any company I have ever seen, they all live up to their name and I never have problems with them. RAVPower included 2 cables a long one (about 16") and a short cable (about 5"), this is a nice add on, but they are poor quality cables and remind me of linguine pasta.

In the end Anker wins, their overall quality of the power bank is a good for the price I purchased it at $32.99. The RAVPower was a complete waste of money, I have no idea why bought it for $21. For the extra $11 is worth purchasing the Anker Astro E5 Power Bank, yes it has flaws but you can live with them knowing the bank itself is high quality.

Thank you for reading my review of Anker vs RAVPower quality, this was the first review I have ever done. Criticism is welcomed!

Have a great day!

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Great review! I’d love to see one on the charging specifications and a little bit more focused on design vs just quality, too! It is that good! One question: do you like that the RavPower cable is a flat one?

Do you have a YouTube channel

By the way, I’m reviewing the Anker PowerCore II 10000 next week!


Thank you so much @joshuad11! I really don’t like the flat cable design, it feels weird in the hand and is difficult to make neat (tying up and storing). I don’t have youtube channel because my voice is squeaky and I am camera shy. I can’t wait for your review next week!

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Have you heard some of the voices of some YouTubers? When it all boils down they are there for the info only and not how your voice sounds. Just do it! It will surely help with you shyness :grin:


Great and insightful review! We should celebrate for victory.:joy::joy::joy:

Nice quality comparison :thumbsup:

As @cava3395 mentioned don’t be put off by your voice, the main thing for most is the content/information presented and if your camera shy, just do the review POV style :grin:

Nice review and photo comparison! Good job!

I definitely do not know the flat cords as well. It feels good that Anker’s older products/lower end still beats the competitions’ counterpart. Nice!!