REVIEW: Anker Soundcore Spirit X

Soundcore Spirit X by Anker

When I received the Anker Soundcore Spirit X’s earphones, I thought that I’d be using them not only to exercise but also in my everyday life, such as when commuting. The sound quality is good for routines, but after using them daily, I’ve found that the Spirit X is a model genuinely designed for sports and that’s what they shine at. Also, there’s minimal noise reduction built in, which in my view, supports the idea that they have been created for sports. Although I like to hear music, I also want to listen to cars and motorbikes when I’m running or jogging! I’d like to see this model with a bit more bass though, mainly when listening to podcasts.

Pairing the earphones was a straightforward task. The range advertised by Anker is 10m (or 33 ft), and from my experience, it couldn’t be any more accurate. In fact, I was astonished when I decided to leave my phone behind me and started walking around the house. Typically the walls in my flat do a great job in breaking any connection, but this time it was different, and the music kept playing with no interference. That was a first!

Anker is well-known for their long-lasting batteries, and that knowledge has been well applied to these earphones. It simply works. It simply lasts. Needless to mention that it charges via a micro-USB cable.

The box brings tons of accessories, such as EarTips and EarWings, cable and shirt clips, and a micro-USB cable. But there’s also a pleasant surprise in the box. I’ve always liked the little pouch bags that came with other Anker earphones; however, the Spirit X travel pouch is super nice and offers greater protection while keeping the portable factor.


Getting the Anker Spirit X paired with multiple devices is an easy task. However, when connected to various devices, it doesn’t recognise the one being used, and it pairs with the last one instead. Easier said than done, and there might be technical reasons for this to happen, but I would certainly welcome a smart pair of earphones that know which device I’m using and which one to pair with.

Also, I think it would be nice to have adjustable ear hooks because even though they stand still, they feel big on my ears.

My last wish is to have magnets on the back of the earphones. This is something I’ve got used to having in other models, and now I miss in the Spirit X, especially when I want to make a pause in my music but not in my run.


I’ve been using Anker earphones for a long time, and I’ve never been disappointed. My all-time favourites are the Anker Surge, which I’ve reviewed here, and have been using for a long time. I know this model quite well, and so it’s difficult not to compare both. I’ll keep using the Anker Surge for my daily routines, and the Spirit X for sports.

Overall I think this is a good set if you’re looking for a good and well-priced pair of earphones that come with the Anker stamp of quality (if for any unforeseen reason they stop to work, there’s always the friendly 18-month warranty). Thumbs up.

Edit: a little video I did :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your review, I also have and used the surge which was my favorite until i got the spirit x. One thing i will say, is after using them daily for over 2 weeks, the speakers really got broken in and you can hear more bass now that its loosened up a bit. I know some people say breaking in headphones is not necessary, but i have always had better luck doing so as it affords you to really hear how the speaker shines.

Btw, got an th pics to share? We love seeing pictures


Great review :+1:t2:

As @elmo41683 said, we need pics :yum:


Nice review @AndreC :grin: thanks for sharing :thumbsup:


Great thorough review! Would love to see pictures next time but it was a great read! Thank you for sharing!

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great review!!! good job!!!

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Your personal website looks very nice. There may be a lot of commercial cooperation.:grin:


Thanks! can you expand on “breaking in”? :slight_smile:

re pictures, I’m trying to do a video review. It’ll be my first thus taking a bit longer. Will see :slight_smile:

In terms of breaking in, I generally follow this companies process of audio burn in

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having less commercial cooperation than I’d like, but don’t really care … I truly enjoy reviewing products so will keep doing it even if that means spending money on gadgets (and who doesn’t like to buy some new toys from time to time anyway? :stuck_out_tongue: )

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OK you all…got the message…more pictures on the way (over the weekend!) :smiley:

Let me check that…Thanks

Great review​:+1::+1: let’s see some pictures of the headphones in action.

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Added a little video :slight_smile: my first ever video review so be gentle :slight_smile:

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Nice unboxing video. If a picture is worth a thousand words then your video speaks volumes. :notes::headphones::grinning::notes:

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Are the ear hooks removable at all from the main driver section or are they permanently attached?

@SZak2015 They are permanently attached

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Thanks, Rob. :thumbsup:

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To elaborate on my question a bit further…

Will the earbud section of the earbuds stay in your ears without the ear hooks? In other words, if the ear hooks were somehow removed (by either snapping them off or otherwise) or inserted into the ear with the ear hooks not on top of but perhaps below or to the side of your ears, would they stay in your ears with normal, non-active use (sitting and listening to music)?

I have a set of these coming and I’m not a big fan of ear hooks and would like to possibly use these without them/bypassing them somehow…