Review: Anker Soundcore Flare

from German:

The Soundcore Flare makes a super robust impression. Due to the clothy surface, he feels great.

The buttons are super easy to use, all functions are shown on it (bass, volume +/-, light modes)

The sound has also convinced me, after all, the most important thing with a speaker :slight_smile: This is full and to taste with more bass to have.

I liked that about the app also an EQ is set … as well as the lighting effects.

Whether you need the lighting effects or not is up to you, and you can disable them completely!
I think you are very nice when you put it up appropriately.

I also like the LSP water festival. Although I have not yet tested this, trust the manufacturer here but :slight_smile:
And with that comes my only point of criticism: since I would like to use the speaker on the boat (canoe / sail), it would have been really good if there had been an eyelet or the same thing … so I would tie it can! Now I have to come up with something else.

But otherwise I am super happy.


Nice review, @proff! We would also like to see any pictures you may have! :wink:

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I’m very happy to see you posting again in the community! What are you doing recently?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nice review, you mentioned you wish it had an eyelet…well the Motion Q has an eyelet and somewhat similar design as the flare and same concept with dual pairing capabilities and waterproofness

The Motion Q also has more wattage than the flare (2 x 6 watts vs. 2 x 8 watts), and of course, minus the fancy light show for a lower cost. The eyelet is free. :thumbsup:

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