[REVIEW] Anker SoundBuds Slim

These are the first wireless earphones that I have ever used, because I didn’t believe that wireless earphones could ever replace standard earphones that you plug into AUX. But these days with phone manufacturers removing AUX slots it’s time to either go wireless or through USB-C which will mean you can’t charge and listen to music at the same time, so I believe that wireless is the future.

Anker SoundBuds are very light so you can barely feel them on your head or pocket when you are carrying them. They come with a small pouch that you have to push on both ends in order to open it. It’s a very smart way of carrying our earphones as this way you won’t be able to damage them in your pocket.

These earphones give a very good quality sound for it’s size and being wireless as well, as I’ve heard that wired earphones usually give out better audio quality, but these are really good. You get a lot of base and the volume can get very high. As well as that they are really good at isolating outside noise and once they are inside your ears people close to you can’t even hear any sound.

I’ve had them for a few weeks now and used them a lot, so I had to charge them numerous times. They charge really quickly and last for over 5-6 hours at max volume, which is great. They are also very stable in your ears so you can easily run or do sports while listening to them. You get 4 different sizes of rubber eartips and in-ear hooks to fit various ears and make the experience more comfortable for everyone.

I definitely give them 10 out of 10! These are my day-to-day earphones now and I’m now happy to get a phone without AUX slot. You’ve done it again Anker. Great job!


Pics are always welcomed of how you use them
What type of music did you listen to with them? What kind of regular headphones did you compare them to


Thanks for sharing your review, @Andrei_Savel! Which particular model were you testing with (Surge, Curve, Slim, etc)?

I have listened to all kind of music, but mainly R&B, Pop and Alternative Rock. It was enough to test it’s quality and volume. I compared them with my old earphones that I got with my previous Samsung phone.

Sorry forgot to mention that I used the “Slim” model.

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