(Review) Anker SoundBuds Slim+ Wireless Headphones

Never having owned Bluetooth wireless earbuds before, the SoundBuds Slim+ were on my list to try since I have used Anker’s other products extensively in the past.

Packaging is first-rate; a very sturdy, hard cardboard (not corrugated) box contains:

SoundBuds Slim+ Wireless Headphones
USB 2.0 to micro USB charging cable
Pre-installed EarTips and EarWings
Two additional sizes of EarWings (optional install, you may not need them)
Four additional sizes of EarTips
Zippered carrying case with removable carabiner clip
Instruction manual
Wire management clips
Anker’s 18 month warranty

I can only compare these as far as sound quality go to Apple’s wired EarPods. I was pretty skeptical that the SoundBuds Slim+ would compare favorably to wired offerings however I was really quite surprised;
Sound quality was on-par with Apple’s wired EarPods but now you’re wireless with the SoundBuds Slim+. Bass response was more than adequate for my liking and overall sound range was very consistent throughout.

Bluetooth range was as advertised at around 33 feet.

Pairing was flawless and stayed connected using an iPhone 5s, iPad mini 4 and MacBook Pro (late 2011) with no discernible drops nor noise.

The SoundBuds Slim+ fit and stayed in my ears using the pre-installed EarTips and EarWings. I did no experimenting with the other sizes but I can assume that if the pre-installed size does not work for your ear shape, the other sizes that are included most certainly would.

The 3 Button Remote allows you to conveniently answer calls or skip through music seamlessly at the touch of a button.

Battery life seemed to be on-par with the advertised ~7 hours…I seemed to get on average around ~6 hours or so.

The SoundBuds Slim+ are IPX5 rated for water resistance with an interior nano coating that effectively protects against water and sweat.

This was a great “first experience” with Bluetooth wireless earbuds and may never go back to wired earbuds again.


Good job, nice review

I received mine too, and the product is very polished and good. The sound quality is very good compared to wired headphones in the same price-range. I love the button remote placed there, at least for me is pretty convenient. I think Anker listened to some of our advices for creating it.

Nice review!!!

i’ve had crackly sound and i only bought them mid december. It seems to rectify once i turn the headphones on and off again, but its annoying. Anyone else?