Review: Anker SoundBuds Slim+ vs. Bose Soundsport

This is one of those products I definitely wasn’t expecting anything special from because of the price. My everyday earbuds have involved my Bose Soundsports and I have to say nothing compares to them, but that comes with a high price of about a hundred dollars. When I first tried these earbuds on I was extremely impressed. The new upgraded aptX by Qualcomn in these headphones is starting to make me realize how close Bluetooth has come to meeting the quality of wired sound. The bass on these are just like my bose as it’s deep sounding, which I’ve noticed has been too much for some peoplein their reviews, but I really enjoy it! The treble even impressed me as the higher frequencies are very clear and crisp. My Bose definitely have higher quality sound, but these are up there in terms of sound quality for only thirty dollars especially since they’re wireless! Although I found the sound amazing you really have to have them snug in your ear to experience the full affect. I haven’t had any trouble with discomfort yet, but I feel like after awhile these will start hurting if they’re too tight. I found the earbuds very adjustable as you have three ear support options and five actual earbud sizes to find the perfect fit. I also found the buttons very helpful as I can change the song, volume or even use its microphone option which most earbuds have today.The only negative thing I have to say is that when you move the cord you can hear it through the earbuds which can be annoying, but you don’t really notice it if your playing music. The metal housing itself is on the bigger side compared to most earbuds, but that’s what I expected to happen in order to fit a battery in there. Overall these earbuds exceeded my expectations and I definitely recommend you give these a try especially for the price tag!


Nice comparison, @Brandon_R ! I tried out the Bose SoundSports myself and I agree with you that the minor difference in sound quality did not justify the higher price tag.

Nice, what kind of music did you listen to with these? I know bass is subjective to how you have it fitted to your ear…

You do need it to be snugg for the slims to enjoy better sound quality. Unfortunately the bigger size eartips are uncomfortable. I use the smallest size and use my slims for phone calls and podcast. When it comes to enjoying music I find my bose soundsports are way more comfortable and sound way better even when I’m using the smaller eartips. It when comparing prices I can understand why I enjoy my bose for music more. Everything is more fuller when I use my bose. But for convenience of everyday use, I use my slims. But this is my opinion :wink:

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Yeah I definitely agree as with my Bose they don’t have to be as snug to get that high quality sound. When I don’t want to deal with a wire and want to be able to switch songs(I have the version without a mic or buttons) without pulling my phone out, the Anker Soundbuds become much more convenient!

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