Review - Anker SoundBuds Curve

Hello everyone,

I’m back from my holidays, Happy New Year to every Anker fan out there !
Here is a link to my Amazon review of the SoundBuds Curve I received part of the PU program :slight_smile:

Enjoy !

EDIT : I keep noticing that my phone (OnePlus 5 running Oreo) displays a notification regarding Qualcomm aptX. Do you know if I can remove it? I tried masking notifications from this app, but I can’t seem to remove it !

When I long-press on it, I reach this screen:


bonne année :slight_smile:

Good review @Antoine_Turpin , I have the same ones myself and they get daily use for the gym or when possible at work. Thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

I had to translate, I got confused when I first followed the link I was like wait I can’t read this…yes I’m a spaz :joy:
Once translated all is well, good job

good review :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. I just edited my post to talk about an “issue” I noticed.
Not really an issue, but something I find annoying.

As far as I know it’s just letting you know you are using the best codec available. Maybe try going into developer options and seeing if you can turn notifications off for it

Good idea to activate Dev options ! I’ll let you know.
Edit : no change…

I also got a pair of these for the Xmas contest I literally just checked the delivery info and they were delivered but it’s too cold go get to my mailbox but I am so excited about them I am giving them to my fiance he does drywall and so they will be great Bluetooth no cord to have to worry about I’m hoping he likes them

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Great review @Antoine_Turpin thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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They are worth the cold :wink:

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Another solid review Antoine! Yours are always a great read :thumbsup:

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You were totally right @Antoine_Turpin I can’t lie I had my teenage sister in law go get them lol im also waiting still on gifts for her and her sister from eBay so i didn’t really lie because some don’t have tracking so I told her she may have a package also she zoomed out the door lol bless it I felt so bad but he loves them I’m about to write my review on Amazon also only problem is the small clip the top piece broke off and I watched him trying to get the cord on it and he was gentle but he didn’t care lol he still loves them and that will definitely not be on my review for Amazon just because he may have just moved it the wrong way that’s not the products fault though.