Review: Anker Soundbuds Curve, one year later

So I’m a regular user of the Anker Soundbuds Curve:

I also own the original Soundbuds Sport (which I think were reinvented as the Soundbuds Slim or Soundbuds Surge?), but I actually use the Soundbuds Curve every day, wheareas the others hang out in my office for backup purposes. The short answer is: after a year, I still love these things. Here is why:

Ear Holder Things

I don’t know what to call these, but they are the #1 reason I use them every day:

They create a tight fit and unshakeable security no matter what you are up to. Before I bought them, I thought they looked weird and uncomfortable, but they are atually the most comfortable feature of these earbuds. They also make them very easy to put on, because you can hook them on the ear then wiggle a bit to adjust the fit. It’s also VERY clear which one goes on which ear, even in the dark, once you get the idea of how they work. Also, they come with S/M/L ear gaskets, so no matter what your ear canals look like, there’s a fit for you.

Carrying Case

Not all earbud accessories are created equal. Most of them come with a simple felt bag or something (Ahem, OG SoundBuds Sport), but these come with a legit clamshell carrying case that I REALLY appreciate:

Not only does it hold the earbuds, but it also fits their charging cable as well in the little mesh thing. Then they zip up and fit in your bag. Or, better yet, clip tot he outside of the bag with their handy little clip. The case itself is quite small, and quite thin. See it in my hand:

And next to an 11 inch Macbook Air (the smallest laptop ever!)

Easy Charging, Great Battery Life

These take a micro USB charging input, which is the easiest cable in the world to find. If I left mine at home, I could ask literally anyone on the street and they would probably have one in their pocket. They are THAT common:

As for battery life, I’ve never run out of battery. Full disclosure: I plug my stuff in at the end of the day, so if I went two full days without a charge I’d probably run out. But, then I’d just pull out my Fusion 5000 and charge them real quick :wink: As it is, though, I’ve gone through a full day of calls, music, and podcasts without needing a charge. That’s pretty impressive for such a small set of earbuds.

Phone Calls

I use these for all my professional phone calls and video conferences. I leave the wires behind my head and people on the other side can barely see that I’m using earbuds. The mic quality is excellent, and I’ve asked several people about how I sound and they all say it’s great! Family, friends, clients, you name it, I’ve talked to them through this mic.

Sound Quality

Face it: earbuds aren’t over the ear headphones, and they never will be. I’ve listened to beats and marley and skullcandy, and the sound quality on these is as good as any of those brands (Though this is not the case with all Anker earbuds - the original soundbuds sport are not that great) Bose QC series absolutely blows these out of the water, of course, but it;s a different product class. For earbuds (especially such inexpensive ones), these are great.


Take all that into account, and the $26 price point is WORTH IT.


After a year of water, sweat, and mistreatment, these things still look and sound like new. I’m not easy on tech, and that needs to be mentioned.


  1. No ANC - It’s a lot to ask, and I haven’t seen anyone do ANC as well as Bose anyway (maybe the SoundCore Life but I haven’t tried them),but ANC sure is nice :slight_smile:
  2. The WIRE! I know, it’s not the point of this product to be truly wireless, but I think there’s room for an over-the-ear secured and fully wireless earbud. Just an idea IMHO.

Thanks for reading!


Another excellent review @ryandhazen :sunglasses:

The Curves were my daily use buds for the Gym / running (up until a small accident) and I agree for the price point, audio quality and overall durability, they are superb :ok_hand:


Well structured.
Good made.
Excellent work as usual.

Thank you!

Another great job with your reviews @ryandhazen :slight_smile:

Great review

It’s always great to hear about the longevity of these earbuds! Thanks, @ryandhazen!

Great review and photos! Thanks for sharing your experience

Ear hooks
Well that’s what I call them!

I personally find them very uncomfortable. They rub and make my ears sore.

Great review. I was thinking about getting a set of these before the Soundcore lines came out. For older technology, these are great little earbuds.


What did you do to them?!?!


@ktkundy - he can be very hard on earbuds :laughing:

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Yeah I guess so they aren’t cheaply made though I don’t think

I’ve been pretty hard one mine, so I too wonder what on earth @ndalby did!

Fell off the treadmill?? Fell down a mountain? Tried using them as a jump rope?
The options are only limited by your imagination and his response with the reality of it

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Lifting weights with his ears at the gym?

Could be like Dumbo and fly with his ears if they are that strong.

Very nice review ! Thanks for your information - very important is the long time experience: the one year review :slight_smile:

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Another great review!

I own the SoundCore Spirit X, which are basically the same product on the SoundCore brand, and I quite enjoy them. I’ve never used them for calls - I had a bad experience with the Anker SoundCore IE10, in which the sound quality from calls was completely different than from music listening, way lower in volume and heavily distorted - so I might check if the Spirit X improved on them.

I recently got an SoundCore Space NC, and I have to agree. There’s no beating the portability of earbuds, but the comfort and sound quality on headphones makes me want to be one of those people with gigantic cans on the subway.

I completely support this idea! @AnkerOfficial, take note. It doesn’t even have to be a separated product. A over-the-ear adapter for the SoundCore Liberty Air would do it!

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@ryandhazen @ktkundy They had a small disagreement with a set of dumbbells :frowning2: Luckily I won a pair of Spirit X’s so only had to go a day without earbuds :cold_sweat:


I had the soundbuds curve and they were my favorite headphones, but then I got the soundcore spirit x headphones and they became my new favorite headphones. The curves do have very good water resistance, but the water proofing on the spirit x provides much more peace of mind.