Review: Anker Roav Smart Car Charger F2

+++ Super thoughtful! +++

The Anker Roav Smart Car Charger F2 comes in what I think is slightly too big packaging.

As usual there is the “Happy?” Note and of course a well-written manual in several languages ​​(English and German among others)!

With the manual, it’s a breeze to set everything up!
It’s not too much:

  • plug in charger (12V vehicle)
  • Bluetooth from the cellphone paddock
  • set the FM frequency on the radio (and on the charger if necessary, if necessary another frequency)

To make things even easier, Anker Roav offers a matching app (Roav Charger). This brings in addition to the setting of the frequency a few additional functions:

  • Battery voltage display
  • memorize parking position (the GPS is saved by the phone when the charger is switched off)

To listen to music or make phone calls man now puts his radio on the displayed on the Smart Car Charger (possibly previously changed) frequency (this should of course not be busy to avoid interference), connects his smartphone via Bluetooth with the Charger and starts his music / a phone call!

In order to ensure optimum quality, the charger should be mounted so that the microphone can record the spoken good! Usually the 12V socket is in a good position (in the range of the spoken)

If your vehicle has an AUX input, the Charger can also be connected to the radio with AUX! Thus, possible disturbances in the FM area are no longer possible!

Since using the phone while driving is prohibited, calls to the charger can be accepted, rejected & terminated!

Also, a song can go back or forth!

Two devices can also be charged via the two USB sockets!

… or even at the USB port to the display, a USB stick with music for playback to be connected!

For me, the Anker Rover Smart Car Charger F2 is a well thought-out and well-engineered product that enhances and secures every car without handsfree or without audio compatibility! By adding features such as “remember parking”, “show battery voltage” or the frequency settings via the app, it is also very smart!
Very good I find that the app is not required for the basic functions! (Remember parking and battery voltage will not go without App)


Nice review! Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:

Good job with the review. :slight_smile: Did you know that if you are not using the streaming feature, you can actually turn that display off by pressing and holding the call button until it turns off? I wish that as a default, it would be off when the car starts and when you want to use it, you can press a button to turn on. I don’t find myself streaming music as much.

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Great review. Very interesting device. I’m liking that it has output for aux connection. :thumbsup:

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I have been thinking about picking one of these up. Thanks for the review!

I would like to know how can I make my roav turn off when I turn off the car and it does not stay on, try to connect by BT and spend the battery of the car?