Review: Anker PowerPort+ 5 USB-C 60W USB Wall Charger

Anker once again has put out a future-proof quality charger for just about any USB chargeable device out there, including new USB-C devices. They follow the USB Type C specification and do it very well. Charges my Nexus 6P at full speed (3A) and my MacBook at full speed! Just make sure to use USB-C spec cables, like Anker’s own or what came with your device. A Quick Charge 3.0 port would’ve been a nice addition, but the other 4 ports deliver up to 2.4A each.

This power brick is slightly longer & wider then the PowerPort 5, yet still easy to carry around as a travel charger for up to 5 devices that need charging. The body finish is an Anker trademark, black matte style. Comes with a long power cord that only takes up one power receptacle. Highly recommended.

Link: Anker PowerPort+ 5