Review: Anker PowerLine+ USB-C to USB-C 2.0, 3 foot cable

Very well thought out USB-C cable in that Anker has chosen an attractive braided nylon to coat a Kevlar cable for durability and to prevent tangling. The red color is a nice touch…it stands out among other USB-C cables and as promised, it charges very fast supporting Power Delivery with my Anker PowerPort+ 5 USB-C power charger.

As a bonus, this cable comes with an Anker premium travel pouch (see photos) with an attached Velcro strap. Great for travel & convenient portability. Construction of the cable is top-notch compared to the supplied OEM cables that come with devices.

I thoroughly recommend the PowerLine+ for your durable, USB-C PD charging needs.


While I don’t have the usb -c cable I do have the same in micro usb and I agree, top notch quality. Can never go wrong with a red and black color combination

They are my favorite cables and it also matches my car’s black with red trim interior :wink:

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Another great set of pictures and great review.

I have some of the other cables from this line and I love them. I just don’t like they show every stain you get on them and they aren’t that easy to wipe down when they get dirty.

Great pictures and review! I picked up this same cable for my Nintendo Switch and it has been working great!

That case looks really nice - I had no idea that they came with the cable!

Do we know when you get this fabric fabric case and when the hard case like it is used for Powerline II+?

:joy: Very funny

Anker need to brin back the case on all cables

The cases are nice. I agree


This is my favorite cable!
good review!