Review - Anker PowerLine III with Lightning Connector

Anker PowerLine III - PowerLine III USB-A to Lightning Connector

Hello Everyone, today I am going to talk about latest released PowerLine III series of cables from Anker, specifically PowerLine III USB-A to Lightning Connector 3ft White Cable which I received from Anker for the “We Love Testing” event.

Let me get started with the package, PowerLine III cable came in signature Anker Blue Box, with the PowerLine III cable along with Anker Velcro tie, happy card and regulation slip.

Have been using this cable for last 7 days, and tested with multiple bends towards the USB-A connector as well as Lightning connector, so far looks good.

Used it at my office work desk, Home work area as well as my car.

Cable itself look of good quality, construction. The cable is very flexible which tends to protect the cable in the long run. While using in the car, the cable gets twisted multiple times, on various areas, so continued use in the car would really be a good test for the cable. PowerLine III cable mentions of 25000 bends in its life span, so will write a follow-up in next 4-5 months time how this cable holds up.

From Cable thickness perspective, it is slightly thicker than the original cable which comes with iPhones, almost the same thickness as the Anker’s 3-in-1 Cable.

The lightning connector itself looks pretty sturdy and shiny, quotes as built with latest Lightning connector and being a MFi Certified, it promises to be faster, safer cable.

The cable outer covering has a firm smooth finish, and for testing the easy clean mentioned by Anker, applied washable school glue along with color and let it dry to sort of simulate the removal of dirt and grime. Though this may be bit extreme way of testing, wanted to give it a try and was easy to wipe it off (watch the video)

From Charging perspective, used the app on iPhone to check the current and voltage passed, it consistently showed 3.6V at 1473mA/h ~ 1468mA/h connected to PowerPort Atom 4 PD.

After using it for a week, and all the twists and bends, seeing some cable bumps (check the pictures with red circle), charging & file transfer works well, there is no cable heating or any issue with it, just the bump. Not sure if others have observed this. Apart from this, the cable looks great,

Testing the file transfer speed, copied 300Mb video file from iPhone 8 to PC in exactly 10 seconds, Copying same file from Windows PC to iPhone8 took me about 14 seconds using iTunes. So the transfer speeds look OK to me.

Some feedback to Anker Product / marketing team – Google+ has long been decommissioned for regular users and mentioned to Anker Team

Final Thoughts…

Anker PowerLine III - USB-A to Lightning Cable promises to solve the regular cables issues such as low-quality construction, discoloration, rust & corrosion, very thick & inflexible cables. From my usage so far, it fairs pretty well, and definitely a cable anyone should plan to get if replacing the OEM cable. Will have a follow-up review in sometime, so keep watching this space.

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Nice review and the pics look good.

What’s the deal with the bumps? Can you tell how they formed?

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Awesome review! Keep up the good work! I will have to go watch the video later…

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just regular usage, twists and bends, used more in my car for last 3 days. Not much worried, as the cable is functional.

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There should be someone (something) was nibbling.
Mice in the car! :joy::joy::joy:

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No mice :sweat_smile: the cable is bent at an angle connected to Roav Viva… may be that is causing it.

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We had a marten at our roof storage, “working” there.
He would have liked any ANKER cables.
Warranty gone with such a lovely little fellow! :joy:

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Great review @Shenoy
Weird re the cable bumps.
It’s like the cables inside are twisting or untwisting.

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Great review?

I had similar on a lead in my car after it got caught on track when moving seat forward.
Most of my other cables take a lot of abuse and hold up fine.

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Greatly detailed and we’ll written review. You definitely put the cable to the test

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Great review! ,:ok_hand:

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Thank you everyone!


Great review @Shenoy and tech details :+1:

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