Review - Anker PowerLine II Dura Lightning Cable (3ft)

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Description - I am using the Powerline II Dura Lightning cable (3ft) to charge and sync an iPad Air 2, Iphone 7 and Iphone 7 Plus models.

Packaging - The packaging arrives in a nice blue box wrapped in plastic. The cable is tied together with a little velcro cord which I really like so I can keep my cords
nice and neat when I have multiple cables attached to a 5 port charger or USB hub. It is black in color and 3 feet in length.

Thoughts on the PowerLine II Dura Lightning Cable (3ft):
Previously, I only used genuine Apple Lightning for syncing and charging. Reason why is I have used aftermarket cables that were “cheaper” but they would not sync or sometimes
not even charge after a few weeks. That does NOT happen with the Anker Powerline II Dura Lightning cable (or any of their other cables). It’s nicely made and black in color.
The one thing I like about it is that it’s definitely durable. My family likes to yank the cable out of the outlet all the time instead of pulling by the heaviest
piece towards the lightning connector which causes the $30 dollar Apple cable to tear. I’ve told them many times not to do this but of course they don’t listen.
Then comes the Anker Powerline cable. It hasn’t torn yet. I’ve pulled at it really hard many times to try and see if it will tear but it still looks good as new. Lastly, this cable fits with
all the cases we’ve tried. I’ve had some issues before with some cases where the lightning connector is too thick and we have to remove the case to charge. Dumb huh?

The Anker PowerLine Dura II Lightning cable also comes with a lifetime warranty!


Great review! Just one point of clarification: the PowerLine II Dura comes with a lifetime warranty!


Nice review, as @TechnicallyWell mentioned the Dura II comes with lifetime warranty should you wish to update the post…

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Thanks for pointing that out. I edited my statement.

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Thanks @windnsea26, it’s good to hear that our Anker’s cable can meet your demand!:sunglasses: