Review: Anker PowerLine II Dura Lightning Cable (3ft)

The Anker PowerLine II Dura Lightning Cable is Ankers’s latest offering in Lightning Cables, boasting 5 times the durability of other cables that are available. Being rated at over 12000+ bend cycles, this cable will likely be the last Lightning cable you will need to buy and should last 12x longer than other typical Lightning cables. For this reason, the cable comes with a lifetime warranty with FREE replacement should anything happen to it. The cable is rated to hold/support over 175 lbs. of weight so you can rest assured that this should be more than enough strength for anything you may throw at it.

The cable is Apple MFi (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) Certified and will work flawlessly with any compatible device that uses Apple’s Lightning Connector/cable format.

The cable came packaged in Anker’s typical packaging and came complete with a handy attachable/detatchable hook & loop cable tie. It’s always nice when something additional and useful is included.

I received the black colored cable but it is also apparently available in white, blue and red as well. Having a black Lightning cable is quite a change from all of the white Lightning cables that I own and which I am so used to. Color having no effect on performance or usability, it’s nice to have something other than white for a change.

The cable is also available in three different lengths: 3ft, 6ft & 10ft (I received the black 3ft length cable). The 6ft and 10ft cables are available only in black and white while the 3ft cable is available in black, white, blue and red.

The cable seems only marginally stiffer but is just as thin and light as Anker’s original Powerline Lightning cable. This is quite a surprise since it’s 5 times more durable.

The connector ends (USB & Lightning) are slim and should work with pretty much any case that the iDevice is in. Some of the Lighting cables I’ve used in the past have larger, bulkier Lightning connectors which can be problematic when using certain cases as clearances can be tight. Anker’s Lightning connector is very robust and sturdy without adding bulk. The connectors themselves plug in to their respective ports very solidly and will stay put until you decide to unplug the cable.

In summary, the Anker PowerLine II Dura Lightning Cable is a very well-made & durable cable you will be happy to own and use for a lifetime. Well done again, Anker!

Thanks for the review, @SZak2015! I’m glad to hear that the Lightning connector should be small enough to fit many 3rd-party cases. :thumbsup:

Did you put a meter on it to measure the Amps on a fully drained powered off Apple device? That is measuring actual real physical quality for recharging, not how it looks visual.

Sorry but I did not check the cable’s current flow capacity since I do not have access to a digital USB amperage meter. Maybe in the future, but I have no doubt that this cable would be any different in this respect from Anker’s other excellent cables.

How do you find the new cable compares to the powerline+ ones?

Sorry, but I cannot answer your question first-hand since I do not own any Powerline+ cables to compare the Powerline II Dura to, only the standard Powerline cables which I already mentioned in my review.

I can say though by simply looking at the cable specs between the Powerline+ and the Powerline II Dura that some of the differences are:

The Powerline+ is rated at 10,000+ bend cycles
The Powerline II Dura is rated at 12,000+ bend cycles

The Powerline+ has a “Double-braided nylon” covering
The Powerline II Dura has a TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) covering

Going by what I’ve been reading in researching this, the lowest to highest quality would seem to be:

  1. Powerline Lightning
  2. Powerline II Dura Lightning
  3. Powerline+ Lightning
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Awesome, thank you so. That’s about what I figure too. I realize that there are two categories really, the base model powerline (of which powerline II dura is the newly released upgraded version), and the higher end powerline+ model (which will probably see an upgraded version as well, likely once the power iq 2 products launch). My current uncertainty is mostly as to if the powerline II dura got enough of a performance boost from the upgrade to, for the moment, match or even outspec the current, non-upgraded, powerline+ cables.

Yep but that doesn’t tell you the resistance of the conductor underneath (your question). The only way to infer it is get Anker to state it, or get a sharp knife, or (what I recommend) buy a meter.

Good review

Think about the need for performance 1st, cable length 2nd, then the cable type 3rd.

IF you’re seriously thinking of wanting high performance longer cables then that’s where in general buy cheap buy twice. I tested Powerline+ vs Powerline for the same 5 ft length cable and Powerline+ has a little less resistance. At 1ft length they were much closer together as you got the resistance in the ports dominating over the cable between ports.

yeah, I’m hoping Anker will make a statement. I’ve got a meter, just don’t have my hands on both kinds of cables, of comparable lengths, at the moment to be able to compare.

most likely the double-braided nylon is actually an extra/secondary sheathing overtop an inner layer of TPE insulation, since I don’t believe nylon is really an effective insulator. I think it’s purpose is mostly to reduce cable tangling, while also offering an outer durable layer that is far more resistant to abrasion, and tearing than TPE (think ballistic, ripstop nylon vs a rubber eraser in terms of resistance to literal wear and tear), thus allowing Anker to use a thinner, and consequently more flexible, layer of the TPE insulation layer which otherwise tends to suffer rapid fraying due to cable worrying and turtlenecking at the connection tips.

Chances are we could see a PowerLine+ Dura shortly.

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What is the Powerline II Dura Lightning cable diameter?

Yes you’ll possibly need likely a fine ruler and a magnifying glass.