REVIEW; Anker PowerDrive+ Speed 2 In Car Charger

This review is for the new Anker PowerDrive+ Speed 2 in car charger.

I received this as a Power User sample but all opinions are my own. I’ve been using this for the last two weeks as my primary in car charger for the following devices;

Anker 20100 PD Power Bank
OnePlus 6
Huawei P20
Galaxy S9
Asus Zenfone 5
iPhone X

Starting with the packaging, this is classic Anker with its classic white and blue cardboard packaging, inside of which is a blue inner tray with handy pull tab housing the PowerDrive+ Speed 2 charger, some warranty and customer satisfaction cards. Although it is functional, it’s well presented and looks and feels like quality packaging.

Removing the charger from its soft touch sleeve, it feels well made, not too heavy and the business end houses both a USB A Power iQ output in addition to a USB C PD output. It has the capability to output up to 49w which means this is ideal for fast charging iPhone 8 and X, plus a Macbook if you need to recharge on the road. It also supports fast charging for Pixel 2/XL as well as the Galaxy S8/S9 and other Qualcomm fast charge capable devices. It is made of sturdy plastic which doesn’t feel like it’s going to split and break when being tossed in an out of your car or vans various cubby holes and the main fascia with the charger ports has a soft touch exterior which adds to the air of quality

When inserted into your vehicle’s power outlet, the charger has a subtle blue glow around the outer ring to let you know power is being passed through - this looks very effective at night and adds a nice ambient glow around the area where it’s been plugged in. Nice.

Onto performance and i’m happy to say this performs very well in all conditions. It can recharge the iPhone X to full in a little over an hour, the S9 in around 1hr 30 minutes, the Zenfone 5 and Huawei were done and dusted in just over an hour (matching their standard USB OEM wall chargers easily) and also filling my empty PD 20100 Power Bank to half capacity on a recent 2 hour journey - confirming this is indeed supplying the correct fast PD output via its USB C port to the Power Bank. This is very impressive given its diminutive size and an absolute lifesaver if you need to ensure the Power Bank has some charge in it - i use mine to keep my gimbal and main video camera topped up whilst out filming so in this regard it is worth the price alone for me. All of the above devices are being used as review units for my YouTube channel in case you’re wondering “why so many phones?”.

What really surprised me was the fact it could also power my OnePlus 6 daily to 100% in around an hour and 40 minutes. OnePlus devices are notoriously slow to charge without their supplied USB Fast Charge wall adapter or proprietary in car OnePlus charger, so this meant i could use the Anker charger as my go to in car choice without any worries. I haven’t had an opportunity to try with a Macbook, so i cannot attest to charging performance with this, however, i know my PD 20100 has no trouble so i cannot see the PowerDrive+ Speed 2 being any different.

Yes, it’s an in car charger - hardly exciting stuff, however, it’s an invaluable accessory for any driver and the whole package is extremely well executed and well worth the price premium over its competitors thanks to its rock solid output and flexibility with numerous devices.

For this reason it is a solid recommendation from me - i even picked up a second one myself for the rear power output in the car as we invariably have our two elder sons or friends on board who may need to top up quickly when they need the inevitable lift into town/work!

Stellar work from the Anker team yet again and gets a well deserved Mr West ‘highly recommended’ score.


Thanks for your review! :thumbsup:


Good to see support for multiple charging standards. That makes it stand out of the crowd.

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THanks for the review!

Nice review @Dave_West , thanks for sharing :ok_hand:

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nice review! :ok_hand:


You can make a comparison video to your YouTube channel. I think it will drive much traffic.:grin:


Great review, I depend on car chargers. I have several chargers and outlet hub to power all of my accessories. I drive on average 120 to 200 miles a day so, cell phone always has GPS and spotify running. The Anker charger is the only one that can keep up with the discharge on the phone.

I have Anker car charger that came with my ROAV C1 and it looks just like the PowerDrive series chargers and it works great.

As my non-anker chargers die I will be replacing them with this one or one with more ports.


Good review, thanks for the insights.

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Solid review​:+1::grinning::+1: Maybe a few more pics next time though :wink:

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I turn down my camera settings to 8 megapixels or use a photo resizing app if I forget to turn down my settings.

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Yeah I think it was file size, the phones I use are test phones so I always leave in full resolution in case I see something I want to snap for a social post.

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This app works great for me

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great review! good job


Thanks for the review

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