Review: Anker PowerCore 5000

I received the Anker PowerCore 5000as a gift from last November. It finally arrived at the end of January! Even though it was a long wait (they warned us it could take some time to arrive since they were out of stock at the time), it was well worth the wait. From the first day, I had a use it for. Now I use it several times a week when I can get to wall charger.

Anker PowerCore 5000 Features

Anker PowerCore 5000 is an ultra compact portable charger that gives you two high-speed phone chargers all in a small tube that can fit into your pocket or your travel bag. To achieve the high speed charge and not overheat the charger and your phone Anker uses its patented PowerIQ Technology and VoltageBoost Technology to control the charging of your device. It can even prevent damages caused by power surges with the help of their MultiProtect Safety System.

What is PowerIQ and VoltageBoost Technology?

PowerIQ Technology

PowerIQ can intelligently identify any connected device and is able to deliver a high-speed charge to all devices including Apple and Android phones, tablets, cameras, consoles and more.

VoltageBoost Technology

VoltageBoost can determine when charging output has cable resistance. When cable resistance happens, VoltageBoost will make sure the charging speeds are unaffected by long or older cables.

Review: Anker PowerCore 5000

My first impression of the Anker PowerCore 5000 was I was impressed with the quality of build, accessories, how light it is, and how quickly it charges my devices.

Even though its plastic its built to last. Its heavy enough that feels good in your hands and isn’t going to fall apart if you squeeze to hard. Because of its size, I carry it almost everywhere I go. It normally stays in the car or in a bag when its not needed.

As to charging time, it charges my LG G4 from 20% to 100% in about an hour. If I’m not using the phone I can get two charges out of it. If I’m using my phone, then I can run the charge out in about 2 hours and get to about 50% charge. To know how much charge you have left, check the LED lights on the side. As the charger runs out of power, the lights turn off.

When its charging my devices the charger doesn’t get to hot or cause a lot of heat on the battery of my phone. Don’t get me wrong, they do warm up but not enough to cause damage to my devices or cause a burn. To know when your PowerCore is fully charged, the LED lights on the side will be fully lit up.

When it runs out of power I use the supplied micro-USB cable and plug it into my Anker USB Charging Hub and a few hours later its charged up. Honestly, I’ve never timed the charge time. I normally forget about it and stays plugged in over night and I grab it on the way out the door.

Final Thoughts

I love this little charger. I use it more than any other small portable charge I own. I love it so much, that I plan on buying one for my wife and may buy a couple of these for family members. You can purchase these off of or from for $14.99 (as of this article creation date)