Review - Anker phone batteries

I bought the Samsung Galaxy S5 when it initially came out. The battery that it came with was the standard LI-ION Battery, however over time, the battery drains and goes limp. It started off holding a great charge, then over time, the battery would drain and cause much frustration.
At that point, i was out on a search for a new battery for the phone, since i was still on contract with Verizon (2 years). I opted for the LI-ION Battery for Samsung Galaxy S5, I9600 by Anker (model#70SMS5-28N)
I picked up 2 of them for a great deal through Anker (by means of Amazon Prime) and got them rather quickly. The batteries are compatible and comparable to my regular Samsung Battery, except it is a nicer look (white) with a better ‘skin’ around it, causing the battery not to heat up as much (even with a quick charge). I carry my extra anker battery as well, as it’ll typically last me 12 hours without a charge…so, its always good to have a spare, just in case.

Though the S5 is considered ‘old news’, the batteries that Anker has produced are made of high quality and as long as own phones that allow you to swap out the battery (anything but Iphone), i will continue to buy my spare battery from Anker!

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