Review - Anker LC90 Torch, not as good as I hoped :(

Unfortunately this is the first time I’ve felt I needed to give an Anker product less than 5 stars. Really wanted this to be perfect. So firstly the bad bits:

I noticed that the reflector itself has what looks like contamination within it with white bits showing through. Can’t work out if this is reducing the light output or not.

Comparing this to my older LED Lenser P7.2, yes the LED module is certainly brighter but frustratingly the projected beam spot is not. Comparing over a 30m distance the LED Lenser gives a spot of about 1m, and the Anker is more of a flood of light at about 4m across (yes, fully zoomed in). The larger area is lit to about the same level (so therefore it IS brighter). I would have preferred a MUCH tighter spot of light, this would have then been brighter and be able to penetrate a lot further. Such a shame.

The three levels of brightness are just far too similar, and even the dimmest settings is bright anyway.

My final complaint is strobe, Anker are not the only culprits at all, but really who wants a fit causing strobe light?

Good point is the 18650 battery required is supplied, and the built in charger is a great idea.

Overall this feels like a beta testing product. Very surprised Anker have released it like this.

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