Review - Anker LC40 Torch - Bargain!

Purchased one to try out as torches for my boys. They love going out for walks in the dark with torches. The cheap LED torches they have are now useless; massively over driven LED has now worn out, they used to be good. So it was time to replace with something of better quality, but not silly money.

Knowing Ankers quality (I have multiple cables and chargers of theirs) I decided to give this a go.

After removing it from the good simple packaging I fitted 3 new AAA size batteries, and took it outside to test. Amazing light from it. It’s a shame the beam cannot be altered, but the combination of the main spot and peripheral light is good. For the price and quality it’s unfair to de-star the review for a fixed focus, so I won’t!

According to Ankers information the LED output does not dim as batteries fade. I’ve yet to test this, but having a proper regulated LED driver in this torch was the final reason I decided to buy one. This makes a huge difference to any LED torch. Many show nice high lumen output, but that’s only for the first couple of minutes with a brand new set of batteries. Output then drops substantially as the batteries get weak. This Anker torch is not supposed to fade.

Let’s be fair here, this is not a £40+ torch for a bargain price, it’s simply a very good quality torch for sensible money. You won’t be disappointed.

Just about to order another 2 for our family.

PS. I’ve actually ordered another 3 so far!!

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