Review: Anker Fusion 5000 - The best Anker product EVER?

The responses to my review of the PowerCore Speed 20000 PD got me thinking - what is truly the best product and the best value offered by our favorite tech company? Seeing it come up time and again in discussions with old-hand contributors (I’m pretty sure @nigelhealy carries one), thinking about newcomers like @Sara_Wright and youngsters on a budget like @580baby , the $25 PowerPort Fusion 5000 wall charger/battery is the obvious winner. If not the “Greatest Anker Product Ever,” this is definitely one of the best values on offer from Anker.

Full disclosure: I carry this product every day. I also purchased it myself (it wasn’t a contest prize) and then purchased another for my sister for Christmas 2017 to keep in her purse. I have had mine for well over a year, and I love it. I would give it a 4.99/5 stars (more on that curious rating in “cons”) Here’s why I love it:

Compact Size

For a 5000 mAh battery, this thing is already small. Not to mention that it has a 2-prong plug built in as well as TWO PowerIQ ports and a micro power input (in case you have to charge it without a wall socket, as I sometimes do with my Anker 21W PowerPort Solar).

All that in a product barely bigger than Apple’s standard 10w wall charger:

Think about it this way: This is smaller than two Apple 10w chargers put together, but able to charge two Apple devices out of one port at the SAME TIME. That’s enough to be a major selling point for this product. But that’s not all…

Charging Speed

If it wasn’t enough that this packs the basic utility of two Apple 10W chargers into a single outlet package that’s smaller than those two chargers put together, this little gem charges my iPad FASTER than the Apple charger to begin with. Here’s that same Apple 10W charger plugged into my iPad (at 33% battery) providing better-than-advertised 10.5W of charge:

Here is the plugged-in PowerCore Fusion 5000 providing better-than-Apple 12W of charge:

And finally, the battery on the PowerCore Fusion 5000 providing still-better-than-Apple 11.1W of charge, all under the same circumstances:


I carry the PowerCore Fusion 5000 every day because it fits every situation I might find myself in: at a socket, away from a socket, or even at an old 2-prong socket, this product still provides compatibility and protection to your devices. Inside its included carrying pouch, I have a 6-inch USB-A to USB-C cable and an apple lighting cable, the two cords i use most. I also keep a micro cable in in bag for charging my SoundBuds Curve and other peripheral gadgets.

Battery Size

At 5000 mAh, it’s not going to blow your socks off with multiple recharges, but it will recharge even a huge battery like the iPhone xs Max 3,174 mAh once all the way. iPad’s 11,000 mAh battery will drain it completely, but in that scenario you just need to find a socket. The great thing is, you still don’t need to carry a separate charger. The wall charger is right there for you in the fusion, and you can charge another device at the same time.


Retailing at only $25, this thing is an absolute steal. It comes in three colors, and being one of Anker’s older products, you can find it at a discount if you are patient. I can tell you, after using it heavily for over a year, it’s worth every cent of the $25, not to mention a discount from that retail price point.


The only thing I can think of, which some have mentioned before, is that the two-prong plug may fall out of an older, worn socket. While I have yet to experience this myself (even with the old sockets in my house) the 5000 mAh battery does make this heavier than a traditional wall charger. That being said, some sockets are just garbage. I have seen other, lighter wall chargers come out of sockets because they are simply worn out and don’t have tension left in them. I would fault the socket rather than the charger for this, since the Fusion has never fallen out in my extensive experience. That’s why it’s as close to perfect as i think a product can be :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think! If it’s not the PowerPort Fusion 5000, what is the best Anker product EVER?!?!


Good point. :slight_smile: And I agree. I think overall, it’s a very convenient PowerBank that allows you to charge it within itself with the plug part. No need to lug another cable to charge it like a traditional power bank. But with that being said, I know that I would have problems with keeping it from falling off my wall plug… old apartment with old plugs. But overall, I wouldn’t mind having one of these. Btw, great job on your reviews. And thank you for all the eye candy aka pics. :slight_smile:

Another excellent review @ryandhazen :thumbsup:

It’s a shame they haven’t come up with a more universal (global) version of this one :frowning2:

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A really good review you wrote. Thank You!

When writing a review for a product relatively new on the market
a comparison with other well known is a must.

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Great review and testing, @ryandhazen! And I agree, the PowerPort Fusion 5000 is one of my favorite chargers!

Nice review and testing! I too have the Fusion 5K - Bought it back in March '17.

It is built like a tank. Perfect for travel, no need for multiple wall sockets. 5000mAh is perfect to get you over that “hump” when you are away and need a little more juice.

I would love to see newer versions of these, possibly bigger capacity or USB C, PD, what other features would you want added to an all in one charger/powerbank?

Great review and pictures @ryandhazen. Powercore fusion is my favorite as well. I recently used it during my trip to Hawaii and suggested that people should buy it. It is a must have for travelers. I just hope fusion 10000 comes out soon. :slight_smile:

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There’s a 10k coming! Just announced back in October '18 - I missed the announcement at that time too. I just found out about it right after writing this review last night:

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited. The addition of USB-C is an obvious boost, but I would have liked QC 3.0 as well.

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OoooOOooHhhhh!!! Ain’t she a beaut!

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It’s not that new, the press release says February 2017. The problem is that we don’t (probably won’t) get it, because we have a bigger plug then the US has. Otherwise I’m hoping for a European version

If not, what can we do?
Starting a “revolution”! :joy:
Those 3 or 4 “Kameraden” we are here!

it is a really smart product

is it available in the uk version?

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No UK version for this one :disappointed:

@ryandhazen @Muhammad_2703 yeh it is a shame was looking forward to purchase this:(

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Good presentation: you keep your style - and your high level ! Again well structured: I like it !

The falling out problem is not difficult to fix in the design, move the rotating pins to be on the flatter side so the item is protruding less from the wall. That would reduce falling out but also restrict what sockets you can use to ones with more free surface surrounding.

Great review!! Good job!!! :clap:

I agree I take it everywhere with me!! I hope they upgrade it to having a usb c port to charge on the side instead of a micro usb would cut down on cables people have to carry and help bring it into the future. Definitely a life save for me though without a doubt!

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Wow… I absolutely loved reading your detailed review!
Makes me rethink how I write mine (not here YET) .
Thankyou, kept me reading and actually makes me want to buy one!!:slight_smile:

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