Review: Anker CD Slot Phone Mount / Holder

One of my older reviews from Amazon, another good one has already been posted by @Element321 but I thought I would add my own experience with it;

Having recently purchased Anker’s magnetic car vent mount and found it unsuitable for my Ford Focus 2014 Titanium model due to it’s curved vents I decided to plump for this version out of my own pocket as I still needed a phone holder. Unfortunately the aesthetics of my cars dash again fail to be compatible another Anker holder. Due to the curved centre console which the CD player is built into, the holder is unable to clip into the CD slot and even hold its own weight safely.

About the holder itself, which is what I am basing my review on. Holder comes in the standard Anker blue/white branded box. Included is the phone holder and a clip-able CD slot holder with ball joint connector, allowing for a very good range of movement. Usual Anker instructions and warranty slip finish out the package. Assembly is very easy, just unscrew the retaining ring from the rear of the phone holder, put the ring over the ball connector arm of the CD slot clip, push fit the slot clip to the phone holder and then tighten. Slot clip seems very strong but due to incompatibility with my cars dash a road function test could not be completed. Phone holder itself is sturdy and allows for quick removal of your phone via the rear push button to open the grips. Another thing I also liked very much compared to other devices was the movable pin at the base of the holder (for when device is used in portrait orientation) as the phone is supported from the base as well as the sides, while leaving access to ports at the base of the phone.


Good build quality
Strong clip mechanism
Phone supported from side grips and movable base pin


Not fully universal for cars. A list of compatible models would be an advantage for prospective buyers.

If you have a Ford Focus 2014 model or a dashboard similar where the radio follows the curve of your dashboard you will be disappointed as the holder will not fit securely. The clip seems to be mainly designed for CD players where the slot angle is virtually vertical.

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If it was just a bit slimmer it could probably have held up. Sucks.

Ouch! Unfortunately you’ve got one of these ‘modern’ cars. Myself, I don’t even have the pleasure of having a CD player because evidently car makers believe a screen is much more important!

Looks like the best solution, only solution in your case is probably a wind-screen mount. Only disadvantage with these are when it gets too hot in direct sunlight that they lose suction but I’ve never had this happen when driving - only when the car’s been left 7 hours or so.

Shame it’s another incompatible model but hopefully there’s another solution out there!

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very good review and pictures! :ok_hand: :v:

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Luckily this one was a winner, just a small word of advice though, can leave a mark on soft vinyl dashboards due to pressure…which eases after a month or so of not being in place

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That looks like a good one, yeah it may ruin the finish depending on the dashboard but atleast it works!

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I’d be willing to take your CD mount off your hands lol!