Review: Anker 7-in-1 Premium USB-C Hub Adapter, mit 60W Power Delivery, 4K USB-C auf HDMI Output, MikroSD/SD Kartenleser, 3 USB 3.0 Ports, für MacBook Pro, ChromeBook, XPS

from the German:

The adapter is very well thought out!

The adapter lacks (almost) nothing you need with the two card readers, the USB ports and of course HDMI, the Mac is finally super equipped for all sorts of uses! What I miss now and then, is a LAN Ethernet port, this would significantly upgrade the adapter!

Due to the LAN connection, however, the design would be higher and too often this is not even needed for me! What is Wi-Fi for?

The enclosed “case” makes the adapter very practical and it can thus be stuffed into the fashionable Slim Mac cases / bags, without the sensitive surface on the Mac to go !!!

The USB speed is (not measured) also great!

A great extension of a Mac, for all but the occasional USB and card reader can not do without!

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Can you upload some pictures or the product link?

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nice review,
You have photos of the device to post it?

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good review. A few pictures will be great

Great review but please add some pics of your setup.

I don’t know this device but both could be useful for DNLA streaming.
Combined with USB it could act as LAN storage for media.

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Here is a video about it:

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