[Review] Anker 40W 5-Port (old version), Powerport+1, Powerline+ Lightning 0.9m & 0.3m

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[[Review] Anker Powerline Lightning 0.9m after almost 2 year of use]
([Review] Anker Powerline Lightning 0.9m after almost 2 year of use - General & Product Discussion - Anker Community)

Today I will review the following items (include the date i bought them):

Anker 40W 5-Port: 2014
Powerline+ Lightning 0.9m: 2016
Powerline+ Lightning 0.3m: 2016
Powerport+ 1: 2017

I have done some measurement using a Chinese power meter:

All picture will be posted at the end of the post.

Anker 40W 5-Port:

  • It has rubberized coating → feel nice to the touch, no shine.
  • When charging my iPad 4th gen (at 10-11% battery) the voltage drop a bit to 4.92V, 2.25A (maximum, depend on cable) but still within acceptable range, providing 11W power → close to the spec.
  • It still going strong after 3 years. I have never been able to stress test the unit as I only have one iPhone, one iPad, one dual input Anker 26800 mAh battery.
  • It has a long cable, and the connector is compatible with apple plug, so you can also bring it on vacation.

Powerport+ 1:

  • Powerful charger. able to provide 9V 2A to QC2 powerbank (Xiaomi Gen 2 10000 mAh). (i’m still waiting for my Anker QC3 powerbank, will update once I tested it).
  • Provide 5.14V 2.23A to iPad 4th Gen. 11.5W. Close to iPad 4 specs.
  • Compact and has a nice look. Has the light to indicate if the charge is working.
  • The plug is a bit firmsy when fully opened (it is fixed in the Powerport Elite 24W)

Powerline+ Lightning 0.9m and 0.3m

  • Both are high quality. the sleeve is durable (but the gold version will be darkened with use).
  • The cable is quite flexible.
  • Both can provide high power charging for devices and powerbank. Although I have observed that the 0.3m can provide faster charging marginally. The 0.9m also display weird symptom like: providing less power when the display is turned off (does not happen with the 0.3m)

Here’s the picture of the measurement:

  1. QC3 + 1m PL+ Screen On

  2. QC3 + 1m PL+ Screen Off

  3. 40W 5P + 1m PL+ Screen On

  4. 40W 5P + 1m PL+ Screen Off

  5. QC3 + 0.3m PL+ Screen On

  6. QC3 + 0.3m PL+ Screen Off

  7. 40W 5P + 0.3m PL+ Screen On

  8. 40W 5P + 0.3m PL+ Screen Off

  9. QC3 + 0.3m PL+ powerbank

  10. 40W 5P


Only time will tell the truth!:sunglasses:


Nice update​:+1::+1:


Thats a good way to do a quality assurance testing. Stress testing will be a nice way to dig deeper


It’s nice to see Anker products holding up so we’ll.


Yeah, I don’t think I’ve stress tested the charger enough. But still, if you use it moderately like I do (30-35W) then you can expect it to last for quite a long time.

If it has quality issues, it will develop within the 18 months warranty, if not, it will last for a long time. In fact. I have recommended Anker to many friends of mine and only one of them report the product failure (which is due to wear and tear of the input charging port of the very old powerbank)


Nice to see the anker products looking so sturdy!


nice review!! good job!


I had one of their original battery banks, I forgot which it was but it lasted me a long time and held up over several different phone and tablet changes. Sadly it bit the dust earlier this year when it got water damage and I have yet to replace it. But I know I would rather trust and use an Anker product over others as they have never failed me other than my own fault


Your comments are much more appreciated!:hugging:

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