Review: Anker 3-in-1 USB-C to HDMI Hub

I was on a business trip recently, running a videoconference from my Chromebook on a projector via the USB C port and an Anker USB C to HDMI converter that I quite like. I was also using a USB stick, which housed some materials I was sharing over the conference. Unfortunately, my laptop battery was also low. But with only two USB C connections I was out of ports! I was a little nervous my laptop would die and end the videoconference prematurely, but I made it out with 8% battery left. That made me wonder if I could find and affordable USB C hub with 4k HDMI AND Power Delivery. As usual, Anker to the rescue! I got this 3-in-1 hub for only $29.99. Here is what I like:

Sleek, Small, and Sturdy

This adapter arrived In a neat little box with its own suede type carrying case. I appreciate that because it keeps it from getting tangled in the many other things in my bag. As you have probably guessed by now, I carry lots of cables and plugs around, so anything that keeps them organized is greatly appreciated. The form factor of this hub is also quite attractive, it feels nice in the hand and looks good on the desk.

Up to 4K (4096 x 2160) Resolution

I was skeptical about this when I first saw the product, but this thing is the real deal – full 4096×2160 resolution out of my Asus Chromebook Flip C302. I was floored. Thsi means you can have a full 4K setup with access to all of your streaming media for under $1000, assuming you get the Chromebook for $470 or less, This adapter for $30, and the TV for $500 or less. I know I paid under $1000 for that whole kit. Granted, I got a few Cyber Monday Deals, but it’s possible. You may have to pay extra for 4k streaming from your providers, but it would work on your home setup. That’s incredible.

Phone Compatibility

Did you know that everything Samsung past the Galaxy S8 has something called DeX, which is a laptop mode for your phone or tablet? I didn’t, until I plugged this adapter into my Galaxy S9 Plus. Apparently, your phone becomes a touchpad for the desktop-like display on the screen. Then you can switch back and forth and operate it like both a phone and an onscreen display. My mind was blown, but that’s a topic for another post.

The Anker hub allowed me to DeX with the best of ’em AND charge at the same time, though I did not measure very high speeds on the charging, probably because I was already over the 90% mark and therefore in trickle charge mode from the phone. I’ll re-check this later when I’m lower on battery.

Keep in Mind this may not work on your phone – I only tested it with my Galaxy S9 Plus, so an older phone, even if it has USB C, may not work with this hub. I can only say my Galaxy did.


$29.99 Is a steal for this product. Most of the competitors charge a LOT more than this. Apple’s adapter which does ONLY HDMI (No Power Delivery) is $70. No, thank you. I’ll use this mighty little hub.


  1. It would be nice if there was an ethernet port on this thing. I don’t need it often, but sometimes it’s necessary when wifi is sketchy.
  2. The power delivery was a little unreliable to the Chromebook. To be fair, there are so many factors here that I have no idea how to actually test them all. However, it does seem that it provided the Chromebook a charge at less than what it was capable of taking, since I plugged the same setup in off of the hub and it charged close to 45W. See the pics below.


Nice review. Love the pics!

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I’m glad Anker came to the rescue. Enjoy your 3 in 1 USB C to HDMI hub :+1:

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Great review and photos Ryan :clap:t2::clap:t2:

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Another great review…keep it up :grinning:

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Thanks all! I’m getting it down to an art!

Good review & layout @ryandhazen thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

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Great review I kind of wish the pouch it came in was a little more visually appealing. I love the inclusion of the pouch but I feel like it lacks in looks

Good review. I’m also a bit sad that this doesn’t have an ethernet port. Otherwise it’d be one less adapter to carry. Maybe on the next version.

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Nice review with good pics. Useful hints included !

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The size and capabilities make it an excellent buy

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Great review @ryandhazen!

I’m glad Anker gives out pouches with their cables and certain products. I’ve bought similar items from different companies in the past and they didn’t come with one

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I believe that is what the 5 in 1 hub is for

Detailed review and job well done! :thumbsup:

Except that the 5-in-1 has a major disadvantage - No Power Delivery!!!

I was on the fence between the one I bought and the 5-in-1, but ultimately I figured I would use PD more than ethernet.

Maybe we need a 6-in-1 :laughing: Might be a lot to ask of a single usbc port though.

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