Review: Anker 3.3ft Premium Double-Braided Nylon Lightning Cable

The Anker 3.3ft Premium Double-Braided Nylon Lightning Cable is an upgraded version of the Anker 3ft Nylon Braided USB Cable with Lightning Connector

The upgrades (or “Pros”) include:
Double-Braided Nylon Construction
Increased bend lifespan (4000+ old vs 5000+ new)
Increased cable length (at least for the standard “3ft” length) of 3.3ft
Full Lifetime Warranty

It appears that the older cable also uses a “unibody connector” but I couldn’t find specifics. Regardless, the newer cable does and it is constructed of anodized aluminum, matching the cable’s color. Tapping the connector barrel with a metal object reveals that it is indeed aluminum and not plastic.

The cable’s nylon double-braiding is also upgraded and seems more robust than it’s predecessor. This upgraded double-braiding also increases the bend lifespan to 5000+ (up from the previous 4000+)

The cable is of course Apple MFi Certified and will work with any Lighting-based Apple device; “Each cable contains a unique, verified serial number and an authorization chip issued by Apple to ensure 100% compatibility with any Lightning device.”

The connections at both ends of the cable (USB Type A & Apple Lightning) both made solid contact with the respective port it was plugged into. I personally had no problems with the Lightning end not fitting any Apple device case that I had because of clearance issues.

There were no “Cons” that I could think of in my testing of the cable.

All in all, another great & durable cable from Anker

Packaging front :arrow_down:

Packaging rear :arrow_down:

Package contents :arrow_down:

Close-up of previous braiding from Anker Powerline+ (left cable) vs newest Double Braiding of the reviewed cable (right cable) :arrow_down:


Thanks for the review and pics. I almost picked one of these up the other day. These cables look nice and the red is a lot deeper than the previous red cable. I just wish they were easier to clean. They get dirty fast.

Great review. Thank you for the comparison pic. I personally like the look of the Powerline+ better.

Try clear packing tape or masking tape…stick it to the dirty part of the cable braid using alot of pressure, then lift the tape and dirt off (AKA the “lint roller” way). You’ll have to repeat it many times but it should clear off (by lifting it off) most of the embedded dirt.

Yes, so do I. It’s a finer weave and less “rough” looking.

Thanks, I’ll try that. Mine are mostly dirt and grim (spend a lot of time working outdoors) so they may not clean up.

I prefer the rounded corners on the PowerLine+ II too they prevent the cable ends from being snagged. But I do like and prefer the double braiding. If Anker fussed both designs this cable would be bullet proof.

Excellent review! I’m reviewing this exact cable, too. Planning on making a video, but not feeling too well right now, so probably won’t have it up until next weekend.

Love these cables. I need more lol

Lifetime guarantee is amazing. :ok_hand:

Excellent review and comparison pic @SZak2015 :ok_hand:

You can make a comparison video between our cable and other cable brand.:smirk:

excellent review. cable is very good looking

Thanks @SZak2015 for posting your review! Great job!

I noticed that the newer chabels are bigger than the otherd

Yes, cos it’s double braided version, it will more durable than older version.:grin:

Great review!