Review: Anker [2-Pack] 6ft Nylon Braided USB Cable w/Lightning Connector

This affordable Apple MFi Certified Lightning cable is aesthetically pleasing and durable as most nylon-braided cables should be. The cable is thick, tangle-free and has sturdy metallic housings at the tips.

Works with all of the latest iOS devices that utilize the Lightning port and it has exceeded my expectations. Charging/sync speeds are as fast as the Apple OEM cable. I will be using this with stick-on magnets in my car and on my desk to keep this & other cables organized as well as for travel due to it’s obvious durability. Highly recommended.


I saw those cable clips at target the other day and wanted to know if they stick to any surface just asking cause my 10ft charging cable is always falling from my bunk bed

Yes, they are called Cable Clips @Serg1023

Ok thanks you

Nice review and great reviews. Do those clips stick on with adhesives?

Yes. They have self adhesives attached and come in different sizes and colors:

nice review and pics!


Good review and pics @Dez_S :smiley:

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