[Review] Anker [2-Pack 3ft] Premium Double-Braided Nylon USB-C to USB-A Cable (Red) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I’m very impressed with the looks of this type-A to type-C cable and it’s surprising flexibility given the thickness of the cable. The red finish also enables me to quickly grab the right cable when plugged into my multi-port charger. I will keep this with my type-c battery Bank so that I will be able to charge it off of normal type-A ports while traveling while I do not have access to type c charging ports.

The lifetime warranty that comes with this cable is also a testament to Ankers quality products and dedication to their customers.

“Lifetime Warranty
We are so confident in our premium double-braided cables, we back each one with a lifetime warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.”

Compared with other type-c cables that come with your devices I believe this cable stands Head and Shoulders over the competition especially when you factor in the lifetime warranty and relatively low cost.

to conclude a highly recommend this cable to anybody looking for a type-A to type-c especially if you’re looking to charge your type-c devices off a normal type-a port. It will give you a lot more flexibility when charging your devices.

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Great review & pictures.

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Good review. Thanks for sharing. Cables are always kinda iffy for me to write reviews on…it’s after all, a cable.

Plenty of samples were up for a long time…there are still some up.:wink:

Where did you obtain the Anker background used in the review? Makes a great backdrop for a great product.

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great review

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Yeah it was tough to find a lot to say about this cable other than the quality and warranty but I will keep everyone posted if it gives me a trouble as always but I’m almost positive that it will not.

It is the gift box that came to me last Christmas that included a charger, dashcam and liberty+ headphones. Anker is awesome. Thanks I think the products look good with an Anker blue background too.

Thanks Daisy☺️


Nice cables, I also just reviewed these. They are Much better and nicer than I thought they would be

Now if only we could get double braided C-C or thunderbolt 3 cables in the mix we would be all set. I really like the look, durability and different color options of the braided cables. The different colors make finding the right cable thoughtless.

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Yes, I totally agree. I want c-c cables in double braided, color option I would rather have Yellow like the one that comes with the liberty+ earbuds. Yellow stands out more and can easily be seen, where as I already have a ton of black/red/gold cables…or even blue cables would be a nice option along with the yellow

Agreed my yellow Zolo cables are my fav micro cables. Maybe toss a green (my favorite color) braided cable into the mix. I’ve got black cables coming out of my ears over here.


@AnkerOfficial any chance you can relay to the company to see if they can add yellow/blue/and green cables to the mix of available color options?

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Not for me this 23AWG cable as other Anker cables are 20AWG

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What length is the other cable you are referring to?

Shorter cables don’t need thick wires.

1ft, 3ft, 6ft and 10ft are 20AWG.
I must add it are USB-micro cables, but current is current.

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Good review & pictures @Jesse_Hernandez1 :ok_hand:

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I’m assuming someone who’s screen name is @ElectronWrangler would know best. I too would prefer a thick wire but at what point does thicker wire become unnecessary?

Exactly when is a matter of debate but I can tell you this from experience.
I had a tablet that charged very well with short cables while using the tablet.
I also have one of Anker’s 6ft cables. That cable didn’t provide enough juice to charge the tablet. It could hardly keep up with what the tablet itself was using.

While I’ve found no max current for the micro cable I mentioned, consider this:
I have yet to find a device with an USB-micro port that takes over 2.1 amps. Yes it is theoretically possible the plug delivers more juice. The generation devices that uses the micro port are just not drawing more current.

The cable in this thread is rated 3A, and unlike USB-micro it’s not just a theoretical number. There are USB-C devices that draw 3A (I even have one that draws 4A)

So, I would have hoped for thicker wires for the longer cables. Personally I think the premium aspect of this cable is it’s physical strength.


These are great cables, I have them as well.

I hope anker will also release cables in different colors. Not just this series.

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very good review, well done

It would be a good way to sell cables to people who already have them.