Review about an 'oldie' (Anker Powerbank 20.100)

About 2,5 years ago, i bought my first Anker product - the #Anker Powerbank 20.100

A friend of mine had one, i saw it and thought ‘wow, something heavy like this must be good’ :sweat_smile:

I took it everywhere with me - because im a soldier the powerbank had seen a lot - sand, mug, forest, rain and snow.
Except a few scratches it still works perfectly.

I can still charge my Samsung S9+ 3,5 times - yeah, if you do quick math 3500mah x 3,5 are only 12.250 of 20100 mah, but if you note, that the powerbank has over 600 cycles of charges behind her and is over 2 years old, 3,5 times is a great number and i can still use over the half of the capacety.

Great work #Anker!

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nice review and pics :muscle:


thx, im very proud about my first powerbank :slight_smile:


Well you have to add in the fact that power banks only charge till there power is equal. So to get a full chage you have to have 1+x charges in the battery. In this case x charges for you is 3.5 so your battery charge is 4.5 charges. That’s ~ 16000.

I bet if your phone stops charging at 100% you could use your phone to 0% and charge it up to 50% before it stops again. :+1:

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