[REVEW] Liberty Air 2 - Balanced Sound Quality

I received this awesome pair of earbuds to test and have been using them since. I love the sounds and the features that it provided.
You can use either earbud independently, and can be charged wirelessly.

There are things that I forgot to mention in the video:

  • It is using bluetooth 5.0 but you cannot connect to multiple devices.
  • Even though you can use either earbud independently, you cannot connect each earbud to different devices (i.e. left side connect to computer, right side connect to phone). You have to put the one that you don’t use in the case.

I hope you like my review!
Thank you


great video review! great job! :ok_hand:

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Nice review. Thanks.

I have the original Liberty Air and I love it = my favorite earbuds under $100.
Now, I’m having earbud envy. The Air 2 sounds like a great upgrade.

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Thank you :smiley:

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I haven’t tried the first gen yet, but I am sure that you will like this 2nd gen. The Galaxy buds are slightly more expensive than this, I think it is $20 more expensive. Not sure how much better the galaxy buds are.

Seems like a good pair of earbuds. Great video review :+1:

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Thank you :smiley:

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Great review, but
You can have each earbud paired to a different device, i currently have my left paired to my desktop computer and the right earbud paired to my phone.

really? how to do that?

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Put them in the case and hold the reset button until the lights flash red. Then remove the right from the case and pair to your computer or phone, fully power that one off. Then remove the left and pair to second device and never the first device and there you have it, the ability to use each individually with two devices

Did you figure this out or it is in the user manual? If I have to reset the earbuds inorder to do that then that is a deal breaker for me.

I did it on my own

Love the review @Tech_Man

Good job on the review @Tech_Man :ok_hand:

Another great video review @Tech_Man :+1::ok_hand:

Great review @tech_man well done :+1:

@Tank Any other sound buds have this feature or multi-point connection? the flagship Liberty 2 Pro?

I have been able to pair the liberty air 2, the life p2, and the pro 2 to two different devices , each with just 1 earbud…which technically is not the same as multi source

So, none of them are compatible with multi-point yet?

Correct, none are advertised or supposed to be multipoint

Awesome job and thanks for sharing.

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