Retro gaming on the Capsule 1

I am trying to play on the Nebula Capsule 1 some SNES games. Currently I have tried two emulators Snes9x EX+ experiencing a bit of lag that makes the experience unplayable. I have also used SuperRetro16 with better results but sill a bit noticeable lag. Has someone been successful doing this? Please note that I have not tweaked any settings whatsoever on either app, so maybe there’s that. Maybe someone can help me with their setup/config.

For what is worth, I am using 8bitdo SNES30 controllers via bluetooth.

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Have you tried or do you have access to a wired USB controller?

There is a delay in both projecting the video and input from the Bluetooth controller so minimizing the delay with a wired controller is your best bet hardware wise.